Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Week in Writing #136 - WonderCon

Usually after visiting a convention, San Diego Comic-Con or WonderCon aka Anaheim Comic Con, we write a Report from the Front discussing what we saw and what we learned. This time it will be a little different as while we walked the exhibit floor, attended a panel and actually attended a party, the big news for me, and for us, is that Powers Squared should be getting a digital publication in the next few months. Details on that when it gets closer.

We're still a ways away from being ready, but things are looking promising. The comments we received on our first issue were positive and constructive. The coloring is really greatly improved and that was noted. We still have some tweaking to do with the lettering, but it was a positive review session. As we get closer we'll be no doubt launching twitter and facebook accounts and inviting everyone who reads this to follow. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Work continues on Powers Squared Issues #2 and 3, with our colorist working on page 10 and the artist hopefully moving on to the last four pages of issue #3. There will no doubt be tweaks on these before we're through, but any progress is good.

For the most part, WonderCon is just a smaller version of SDCC and one day is usually enough to see everything on the exhibit floor. Panels would be another reason to attend. There is usually a mixture of educational/instructional ones and those that are more for entertainment purposes, like the one we attended after our meeting.

Cartoon Voices was a panel hosted by Mark Evanier with five voice actors that you may have heard of, but whose voices you probably definitely know: Dan Gilvezan, Elle Newlands, Bill Farmer, Katie Leigh and Daniel Ross. These are men and women who don't just recite lines in their own voices, ala Jack McBrayer or Kristen Schaal, but do a wide-range of unique ones. Farmer, for example, does Goofy for Disney and Ross Donald Duck. All the actors were asked pretty much the same questions, what voices they do, the most obscure job they've done and then performed together in a cold read of Rapunzel. Very entertaining.

Writing this week slowed down on Familiar Stranger. I'm up to 57,000 words and 305 pages; finally getting to the parts that really need rewriting. I'm still not 100 percent sure about this middle part, which is what has stumped me in the past, so the writing may slow down for a bit as it's harder work than the rewrite has been up to now.

Still, no word on the Submittable Query and I haven't yet followed up. Sometimes there are weeks when there is too much and too little time to get to everything you intend to. Sort of lost the weekend, from Friday night on, due to WonderCon: prep, attendance, and recovery. My Fitbit says I walked 6.35 miles, which I think might be low, but remember I was carrying a backpack most of that time,

I did write a new review this week for Predator (1987) and published an older one, From Here to Eternity (1953), as Trophy Unlocked's Saturday Morning Review. As is customary with the blog, we also posted an April Fool's one for Wall Street Kid HD, a nonexistent videogame. Sorry, but with leaving for WonderCon early and coming back late, didn't really have a chance to promote, but a few people did find it and read it on their own.

So the week ahead should show more progress on the comic book and the mystery novel, but just how much is anyone's guess.

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