Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Week in Writing #137

There is not the recovery period after one day at WonderCon like there is after four days at Comic-Con, but it does take a day or so to get back into the swing of things. Still, you don't want those moments to pass so quickly. We did have a productive meeting about the comic book, so you want to sort of savor that for a moment before getting back to work on the project.

Our artist has been quiet for too long so I pinged him during the week. He's off to a family function and unapologetically won't get back to new pages until this coming week. Not what I really wanted to hear, but until such a time as this becomes a going entity, deadlines are a little on the softside, though you do have to wonder if it will be come an issue later on. He's four pages away from finishing issue #3, so you kind of want to get that done sooner rather than later.

Had a little back and forth with the colorist in a creative way, trying to find the right colors for when the boys use their powers. Marty is blue and Eli is red, which is also in keeping with their telepathic abilities, but it was finding the right tone of the red that we discussed during the week. She delivered 9 through 12 on Saturday and hopefully will be wrapping up to page 16 in a week or so. Again, the sooner the better there as well.

We started this project 16 months ago and we're still on issue #1, though what's left are only minor lettering tweaks. But those will have to wait another week to be addressed as our letterer is involved in a drawing class that wraps up this coming Saturday. Then I'm counting on him sort of sweeping through the pages after that and before he gets involved in another class or project.

Took the definitive step of setting up a Powers Squared Comic Book website. was already taken by a brother and sister writing team, whose last name is Powers. I'm sort of mad at myself because I could have grabbed all the Powers Squared website, twitter and Facebook accounts before them, but we were calling ourselves PowerSquared until this year, too late I'm afraid. Don't want to push any attention their way, but I'm sure that may happen over time. Our website is, accept no substitute. If you check it out remember it's my first one. Now I need to work on twitter and Facebook. We're not the type to take a lot of pictures of ourselves, so I'm not sure we need Instagram or YouTube accounts, at least not yet. Will keep you posted here how it goes.

I did check Submittable about my query for Public and Private; nothing. Decided to give them as much time as they took to respond to my first query and made a point of marking my calendar to contact them. The only way I know, if they're not responsive to Submittable, is to email them through their website. Still, the fact I haven't heard anything from them does not necessarily bode well for them taking me on as a client, but we'll get to those sour grapes when the time is right and not before.

Did make some more progress on Familiar Stranger, though I am now definitely in the area where it has bogged down before. I did have some good ideas about that on one of my morning walks, so I was sure to make notes and I'm hoping to incorporate them soon. Though this week, I think I may need to work on reviews for Trophy Unlocked, as my backlog is slimmer and the one I'm workng on for the original Ghost in the Shell is more involved than I would have thought. I need to get this one done and may squeeze out another one this week as well. I'm thinking the original King Kong, since I saw it recently again on TCM and we've never reviewed it before. Published a review on Saturday morning for Shakespeare in Love.

So that's the week that was and the one I'm planning for the next week. Will let you know here how it goes. And if you do go to the new website, please leave me feedback. I'm sure it can be improved.

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