Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Week in Writing #138

Well, as promised, I concentrated my writing this week on two reviews, well actually three. My intention was to complete my review of the original Ghost in the Shell and do another one to up my backlog: King Kong (1933). Well, as it turns out, I did finish King Kong and published it as Trophy Unlocked's Saturday Morning Review, click here to read it.

Didn't really work on Ghost in the Shell, though I did write a review of Detour (1945), a film I had recently seen on TCM. It was being hyped as one of the great Film Noirs of all time. Spoiler: I disagree, but that review will have to wait to be published.

Plan to return my attention back to Familiar Stranger. It was getting to the tricky part for me, but I think I can overcome that this time around. Sort of miss working on it. Will try to work on Ghost in the Shell as time permits.

Well, the first issue of the comic book is all but done now. A few things to be tended to, but nothing to do with the content at least. Sent our latest version to our, I'll call him, publisher and he didn't report any issues back. And if he's happy, we're happy.

Issue #2 is down to its last four pages to color and I expect our letterer to start on it in earnest this coming week. Again, my goal is to be done in two to three weeks. And then I think we'll be ready for publication.

Towards that end, did more work this week on our website: Updated the character drawings with color renderings taken from panels in the book and even added the first charaacter page for Marty and Eli Powers. Hope to do something similar for all the main characters. Trying to be informative without giving the story away. I'm still rather apprehensive about that. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I'm sure it can be improved. Feedback is always welcomed.

Issue #3 seems to be churning, though not very fast. Got a couple of layouts, but considering it's been a month and the artist is supposed to do four pages every two weeks, its not good. We spent an inordinate amount of time on one panel, but that's really no excuse. Not sure what the problem is. I'm afraid the colorist will eventually lap him if he continues at this pace.

Next week, in addition to Familiar Stranger, I need to ping the agent who's had Personal and Professional since September. It's time to open the box and see if Schrödinger's cat is alive or dead. Will report here either way.

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