Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Week in Writing #92

I decided to update the blog each day to show what I'm trying to do, sort of breakdown the week as it goes, rather than trying to remember everything in a rush on Sunday night.

Monday morning worked against me as I spent about as much time in a futile attempt to screw a handle back on a kitchen cabinet door as I did sitting behind the computer.

Did notice that our colorist sent us something, but will have to look at that tonight. Did tweet out about The Asphalt Jungle being released today in 1950, with a link to the review. And did look up some information on one of the agents I'd like to query. But I ran out of time to do that.

Well, the day didn't get much better. The water heater decided it was time to break down. While the boys were home and oversaw the plumbers' installation of a new one, there were still things to take care of when we got home. Debris to sweep up, water to clean up and, of course, stuff to put away. This delayed dinner, which delayed getting to the computer, so the day ended up being a little less productive than I would have hoped for.

Paul and I did go over what the colorist had sent us, which was more of a snapshot of page 7 in progress. Not sure he was expecting comments, but we gave them nevertheless. Managed to work a little on the review I need to finish, very little, and I managed to get in a little editing on Simple Sins, very little.

Overslept a little bit so the morning became compressed time-wise. Just enough time, about ten minutes worth, to work on the synopsis for the review I'm working on. A couple of paragraphs towards the cause, but not much else.

No overnight emails from the colorist or the artist. I should follow up on this.

With no new pages to look at, I had the time, but not the energy. By the time dinner was over, I had the stamina to work on the review. Did write about a thousand words on it, but that was about all I could accomplish.

Continued to work on the review on Wednesday morning, getting another 300 words done before I had to get ready for work. Tonight, I'm anticipating prepping another review for publishing on Saturday. That's how I've been spending most of my Wednesday nights. Not sure which review and how much work I'll need to do, but that's what I think will happen on Wednesday night.

Well, there were pages to review from our Artist. He sent them to us at about 9:30 in the morning our time, which meant we couldn't look at them for nearly 9 hours after I was back home. There were five pages all in various stages: Inked, penciled and layouts. We made comments on a couple of panels and replied back to him.

Also heard from our colorist, though I didn't see the email for several hours. He's been having computer troubles, which explains why we haven't been receiving pages.

I worked a little on my editing of Simple Sins (18 pages) and manged to pick and prepare a review for publishing on Saturday, Buster Keaton's The Cameraman (1928). Working on the review made me want to watch the movie again, but that will have to wait.

Woke up on Thursday and there was an email with attachments from our artist received after midnight. As much as I hate to do it, I have to wait for this evening to get into it. No time in the morning to really get into that kind of work.

Did manage to finish off the review for My Neighbor Totoro. Still need to pull down some images that would go with the review when it gets published. Perhaps that'll be a good Friday morning task.

Our artist sent us a new layout for page 20, which we reviewed and think will work better. Emailed him back.

Did spend some time gathering photos from the net for My Neighbor Totoro, which finally finishes that review off. I like to look for photos while the movie is somewhat fresh in my mind. I've had the issue before of going to look for them later and sometimes it's hard to remember when an action happened in the film. Best to do it now.

Managed to get up through page 140 with my edits. Simple Sins is not quite in as good a shape as I remember it being. It needs a lot of work.

Friday morning did a little research on a potential agent to query. Not a lot of time. Decided to wait until after the holiday to query since no one is going to look at it until next Tuesday anyway.

Fridays have traditionally been a slow day for me writing wise. End of the week, a couple glasses of wine and a movie pretty much eat up the time. Got off early today, pre-holiday Friday, but ran some errands: recycling and took a car in for repair and smog check, spent time with the family and relaxed. Feeling guilty, I decided to do some future research on a movie I want to review this summer, D.W. Griffith's Intolerance (1916). Not that I'm really looking forward to watching it, but I think it's a landmark film that I feel like I need to see.

Every Saturday morning, I try to publish a new review. This Saturday was no exception. I published one for Buster Keaton's The Cameraman (1928), the first film he made for MGM and perhaps the best.

Most of Saturday was spent doing things around the house, so I didn't get a lot of writing done, though did do some editing on Simple Sins. Feeling guilty about how long its taking.

Sunday I tweeted out about the release of Yankee Doodle Dandy on this date in 1942. I had two reviews I was attaching and since one included the Blu-ray from the Warner Archive, that increased the traffic on Trophy Unlocked.

The only writing I did was late this afternoon, about 3500 words on The Lady Vanishes (1938), which we watched on Saturday night after it languished on our DVR for about two years.

No new pages for a few days from the artist or the colorist, so we reached out on Sunday. The artist did not write back, but the colorist did and sent us his schedule. We're on for three days a week so we should be getting pages fairly regularly from him going forward.

Well, that was my week in writing, day-by-day. Somewhat typical, but at the same time each week is unique.

My goal for next week is to concentrate on the editing the comic book and to send out more queries.

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