Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Week in Writing #90

Another week that seemed to be largely spent on the comic book, but with nothing really new to report as far as truly finished pages. Given the time difference between us and our artists, we will oftentimes receive pages after hours or during the workday, which means that we have to really wait until the evening to look at them. While it doesn't sound that hard, the review process is more complicated than it might seem.

Even if it's a layout, we have to compare it with the script and against other pages before. It's made a little more difficult when some of the pages have been out of order. We try to be thorough and then write back our comments in as clear a manner as we can. We're not always successful, but we're trying to get it right the first time.

The same is true with the colorist. We go through the preceding pages and try to make sure there is consistency between related panels and pages. And there are sometimes things we don't catch the first time. It helps that we have fairly easy to work with and understanding artists, but it still seems like a slow process.

One other note on the comic book, the copyright we applied for near the end of October for the script finally came back this past week. Seven months is actually a quick turnaround, even though it seemed like forever waiting for it to come through.

Did finally complete the short synopsis for Pubic and Private. One of the reasons I wanted to complete it is I'm trying to use a website called, but for some reason I think I'm missing a step somewhere along the way. It's not as user-friendly or as intuitive as I would have hoped. It took multiple tries before it finally accepted my first and last name. And then when I was ready to submit, it said it had already submitted to the agents and publishers I was connected with. When did that happen? My guess is that I'm going to be better off with the old-fashioned query method.

Got close to sending one out, but I'll admit that I got cold feet. I truly dread the process after two failed book efforts prior.

Did continue to update Trophy Unlocked, publishing two reviews this weekend. The Saturday review was for Laurel and Hardy's The Music Box (1932). On Sunday, published a short review for Keanu, an action comedy that is currently out in theaters. Honestly, neither has really been well viewed with only 8 pageviews a piece as I'm writing this. But blogging is a marathon, not a sprint, I guess.

Next week, hopefully, more progress on the comic book and I promise to actually send a query or two, but please remember, promises are made to be broken.

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