Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Week in Writing #89

Busy week in writing, though mostly revolving around the comic book. Great progress was made this week on pages from our artist. We're now up to page 16 with inks, with four pages to go to complete that first step. The colorist is also making progress, but this has been a banner week for pages, after a drought of about three weeks with nothing new completed.

Got some good feedback from Paul on edits part 2. Had to make some minor story changes to match what has changed in part 1. Nothing too major, but it was a good chance to revisit some of the dialogue and action. I think we've made it better.

Met on Friday afternoon late with an artist, who is a friend of a friend. He recently published a graphic novel and was willing to look at what we had and give us some advice. He seemed to like the art we had so far, which is a good sign. And he gave us some advice as well on how we could proceed. Overall, a good time.

I hate to say it, but the comic book does take a lot of time and sort of dominates the evenings when there are pages to review and for several days this week we had pages. It sort of takes a certain amount of creative energy to review and make comments.

Did resend my pitch about From Fan To Creator. No meeting yet, as the site, Comic-Con HQ, was going to Beta on Free Comic Book Day. They said we'd talk afterwards, so hopefully in the next week or two.

That said, I did make a breakthrough on a short two page synopsis for Public and Private. Still need to go back and edit it, but there was progress made; I can say that with an honest expression.

Got an email from Writer's Digest hailing a service called, which is supposed to link writers with agents and publishers. I signed up, but I'm not sure if this is really better than going about it the old-fashioned way. Something new to explore. Hopefully better results.

Did write and publish a review on Saturday for Charlie Is My Darling, a documentary from 2012 that details the Rolling Stones 1965 tour of Ireland. Back then, the film never made it off the festival circuit, but it finally got  a release a few years ago. Also wrote and published a review of Captain America: Civil War, which just opened this past weekend.

As always, I hope to get more done next week.

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