Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Week in Writing #192

Let's start this week with where I left off last week. The videos we shot to promote Powers Squared. I'm happy to report that while I won't be appearing on a TED talk anytime soon, I didn't embarrass myself too badly. Paul and I sat down and watched them during the week and then we edited one of them for eventual upload on YouTube. I give Paul all the credit for editing it. Clever man, he figured out how to use Adobe Premiere to add graphics and titles. Check back here and on our website to find out when it goes up.

More news on Powers Squared, we at least have a date range for when Issues 3, 4 and 5 will go up on comiXology: Mid-June. I know that sounds vague but it is at least something to shoot for. When dates are set, they will, of course, be announced on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But you'll need to sign up to be in the know. (Hint!)

Our artist is closing in on finishing the first eight pages of Issue #7, so the dream lives on, I guess. Our letterer has even done some pages on Issue #6, so we're moving forward. Next month, we'll have new pages for our colorist and the process will continue.

Because we're moving into Issue #7, Paul and I discussed where we want to go with Issue #8 and decided on a path forward. I started working on the next script this week and have at least a first draft of the script. I need to make another run through it before I show it to Paul and Trevor for their comments.

Heard back from my editor on Familiar Stranger, stating that he got my manuscript and will start looking at it soon. No doubt, more rewrites in my future on that one. I haven't yet decided what to work on next but I figure until I'm done working on the scripts for Powers Squared that decision will have to wait.

This past week, I also worked on a review for Trophy Unlocked, a review of Cry Danger (1951) which was published on Saturday morning. It's a pretty good film noir. Need to work on another one this week for South of St. Louis (1949), the film we watched this past Friday night. You might be asking about why we haven't reviewed Infinity War, the latest film in the MCU. It's not for want of going but because other things, dare I say more important, came up on opening weekend. We should be going next week, so please no spoilers until we've seen it.

So this coming week will be no doubt dominated by Powers Squared and South of St. Louis, maybe a little Familiar Stranger rewrites thrown in. Will let you know how it goes next Sunday.

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