Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Week in Writing #193

Another week of writing and another week working on Powers Squared and Trophy Unlocked. Part of the time was spent reviewing the artist's work. She finished inking the first eight pages and in addition, sent us two sets of thumbnails which Paul and I had to review. We asked her to make one change to the inks before we sent them on Saturday to our colorist. Our final selection for the next 8 pages was, as it always is, some from the set labeled A and some from the set labeled B leaving it up to her how to bring it all together. By the end of the month, we should be about a quarter of the way through Issue # 9.

As discussed in previous posts, Paul and I have talked about where to take the comic book next. To that end, I worked this week on writing the script for the next story arc, two issues, currently called Mathemagical. I finished a draft for 40 pages. Paul, Trevor and I had previously worked on the idea but had not taken it to completion. I gave the draft last night to Paul for him and Trevor to comment on.

In the meantime, I'm starting to tackle the next story arc, currently called What's in a Name? Like Mathemagical, this arc will introduce new villains out to continue the work of the boys' arch-nemesis, Dr. Atlas. The first draft, written several years ago, was sort of unwieldy, taking up 4 issues. There have been changes in the story since this story was first written in 2015 with some additional work done in 2016.

This work consumed most of my writing time this week save for time to complete a review for South of St. Louis (1949), a western, that was the Saturday morning review on Trophy Unlocked. On that front, we finally got a chance to see Avengers: Infinity War. Paul, who wrote a popular primer for the movie, also wrote this review. Check it out.

I'm working on a new review of Sky High, our Friday night film. I hope to have that completed this week, though the Saturday Morning Review may go to a review of the newest God of War video game. There is more to Trophy Unlocked than just movies.

What there was no time for, and probably won't be for the next several weeks, is a follow up to Familiar Stranger. I haven't really had a chance to consider what to write or rewrite in the series. No word yet from my editor, which is not unexpected. When I get his feedback I'll address his suggestions. In the meantime, my protagonist, J.D. Barrister, is on the sidelines resting.

But there's no rest when it comes to writing and I'll be back next week to let you know how I do.

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