Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Week in Writing #190

Let's start someplace different this week. The rewrites on Familiar Stranger are going well. I'm up to about page 305, which is pretty good though not great progress. I do find myself occasionally questioning some of the changes but having read the book, or should I say manuscript, again I did get some new ideas about how to say something that I hadn't thought of before.

Still, on that front, I made contact this past week with the editor who had helped me with previous books. It had easily been over a year since I'd written him since I hadn't had anything to show him in several years. Good news for me, he's willing, when I'm done, to edit this book again. As good as I can make it, I know he can make it even better so I'm looking forward to that stage in the process, though it might be awhile before we get into those rewrites.

Back to familiar ground, Powers Squared. Earlier this week, our second issue was reviewed by First Comics News, this time a 4 out of 5. Very encouraging. We also heard back from our man at comiXology and there might actually be something happening there as far as promotion. He's twice requested that I send him the five completed issues so he could consult with an outside PR agency. I have no idea what's in the offing, though I would imagine it has something to do with twins doing a comic book about twins. That is a total guess on my part but that would make some sense.

We did do some reshoots last Sunday and had hoped to do more shooting this weekend as well but our interviewer notified us that he's not going to be available for this Sunday and next; something about getting hitched. You would have thought a major life event, like a wedding, would have come up when we were planning all this but hey that's how life is sometimes. I'm hoping in two weeks we can get back to it with the boys in front of the camera as well.

I hate to say it but I haven't yet looked at the footage we shot a week ago. That's on my to-do list this week I guess.

As far as the issues go, the colorist has finished her work on Issue #6. Now it's up to our letterer to play catch up. The artist, meanwhile, has moved on Issue #7. Paul and I reviewed the first four pages that she penciled over the weekend and gave her some feedback. For the most part, it looks really good, there are just a few minor things we asked her to look at again. The fact that she wrote us back the next day is such an improvement over our last artist that I'm still amazed.

Now, as promised, the Twitter pitch. I'm trying to get better about Powers Squared there but it would be nice if there were more than two followers; one of them is my twitter account. The handle is @MartyandEli and would appreciate it if someone would follow it as well. See, that wasn't such a hard sell after all.

We did pick up three new followers on Instagram this week, though we can always use more. (Hint, this means you.) Where else would you see such images as this:

Steve for Issues # 6 - 

Well, you could see them here but that's not the point.

Got back into writing reviews, publishing Trophy Unlocked's Saturday Morning Review: Clueless (1995)

I also started a more extensive review of Hell's Angels (1930), the World War I melodrama that made a star out of Jean Harlow. Look for that in the coming weeks.

Well, that about does it for this week. Hopefully, next week will see more work on everything, but time will tell.

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