Sunday, August 26, 2018

A Week in Writing #209

A sort of quiet week when it comes to Powers Squared. For the first time in quite a while, it wasn't until late in the week that we received pages to look at, pencils for the next four pages of Issue #8 along with a couple of changes we'd asked for on two earlier pages. So, for those keeping track, we're up to page 16 with the artwork or will be by the end of the month. She's also starting to work on the thumbnails for next month as well.

Our colorist is working on pages 5-8 of the same issue, having already delivered the first four earlier. And Trevor is more than halfway through with the lettering on Issue #7, so things are moving along.

We tried a three-way Google Hangout on Friday with Paul and me, Rachel and Nina but for some reason, we couldn't connect again this week with Nina. I think I figured out what the problem has been and it was me. You have to use a Gmail account and I was inviting her under the wrong email. Stupid is as stupid does as they say, or at least Forrest Gump says. We'll have to regroup and try it again.

We did have a nice chat with Rachel and talked about all things Powers Squared including the difficulties in growing a social media following. From my own example, we never seem to have a breakthrough moment. I tried paying Facebook to boost a post for me. Small potatoes, I spent $10 for 7 days and two countries. We did reach 158 people but only 26 actually liked the post, which was about the Shop Now feature we added to the page. Of those 26 people, only one took the invitation to like the page. Not a really great return.

Not to be deterred, I was approached over the weekend by to help publicize/market our website, which is We'll see what we get for the money but the goal is to draw more people to the site and to buy the comic book.

Before that, I had GoDaddy set up a poll for me on the website.

Still no word from our contact at comiXology. Sort of hard to explain why we haven't heard back and while I don't get accustomed to being ignored, this is nothing new. I'll try again this week to see if I can get some reaction before Labor Day.

Speaking of people I can't get a reaction from, I tried twice this week to call my editor on Familiar Stranger. Not only didn't he answer, but he didn't return my call either. Meant to try him over the weekend but ran out of time. Again, I don't appreciate the radio silence, but its nothing new. 

Is it me?

Still working on the rewrite of Getting Even. Had an epiphany about the ending so I'm excited to get to that point and get to work on it. I haven't worked out all the kinks yet but I know what I need to do. Right now I'm up to page 214 as I'm making changes. Hopefully, I'll get further during the week.

Finished a review of The Blues Brothers movie, which was published on Trophy Unlocked as the Saturday Morning Review.

So this week, I'm hoping to finish another review, in this case, Doctor X, which has been dangling for a week or so now. I will also be following up to see if I can get anyone to reply to my queries and, of course, more work on Getting Even.

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