Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Week in Writing #207

Let's start this week where we normally do with Powers Squared. This week began with thumbnails for pages 9 - 16 of Issue #8, Mathemagical. Our artist, Rachel Wells, sent us, as she usually does, two versions A and B. Paul and I went through them and chose which ones we liked. While this can go back and forth between versions, usually, as was this week, we, for the most part, liked one version for one page and another for the next. Sometimes, it can be panel one from A and the rest of the page from B.

Rachel then takes these and does a sort of composite of what we've asked for, which she sent us the next day. Paul and I then go through that and give a final okay.

I've always wanted this to be an interactive process with the artist having a say when she thinks the panels or the action differ from the script. This time, she made some very good suggestions about one sequence which was a really good idea.

Trevor finished lettering the cover and the first five pages for Issue #7, so its good to see that coming along as well. And I'm expecting pages soon from our colorist Nina Gaillard on Issue #8. Sometimes I'm amazed at all the moving parts.

Paul and I also made a very brief Google Hangout video with Rachel on Friday. Sometimes things don't take very long and this was the briefest of our videos on our YouTube Channel. Feel free to watch the video or all of the videos on the channel and let us know what you think of them. Please leave a comment or, better yet, follow. I know that's a term you keep hearing from me on this blog but that is part of the business of writing.

Made some updates to the website. Besides adding the link to the new video and moving the links around so the latest is on top, I also added a preview for Issue #6 Kirby Good and Evil Part 1 (cover and first two pages). Would love to hear what you think about it. Also, updated the pages for the first two issues to show the creative teams: writers, artists, colorist and letterer, who worked on them as well. As with the YouTube channel, you can leave comments or send us an email from the site.

Speaking of loving to hear from people, I had sent a working copy of Issue #6 to our contact at comiXology but after more than a week I've heard nothing. I'll have to follow up on that this next week.

And on the subject of not hearing from people, still no updates from the editor on Familiar Stranger. Starting to get a bit worried about that, so I'll have to follow up on that this week as well. Updates will be made here.

On the subject of writing, I've been working on revisions to another of my great unsold J.D. Barrister novels, Getting Even. I thought I was getting a slow start but I just finished making notes up through page 240. I'm about half way through.

Wrote and published a review for Game Night for Trophy Unlocked's Saturday Morning Review.  Was a busy weekend for movies so I have several to work on this week. First up will be Christopher Robin, which has been out for a couple of weeks. On Friday, in prep, we watched The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh so I have that to review, as well as Doctor X (1932) which we watched on Saturday night. That one may wait until October and our annual salute to Horror.

So a busy week behind and a busy week to come. Keep writing.

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