Sunday, September 2, 2018

A Week in Writing #210

Well, Happy Anniversary. I was looking through an old laptop, you know what else do you do on a three-day holiday Sunday afternoon and noticed that the first post on this blog, literally called First Post, and it was September 1, 2014, so this marks four years I've been writing this. Four years of writing about writing; writing about rewrites, reviews, Powers Squared, Trophy Unlocked and, of course, waiting and waiting and waiting.

My purpose for writing this hasn't changed either. I started this is "to keep myself honest. I want someplace to discuss the process, not so much my writing process, though that will be mentioned, but also the process of going from writer to published author, which is the goal."

Ironic that one of my earliest observations still hold true to this day, "My editor is still sort of AWOL." That was true four years ago and it is still true today. I even tried calling him yesterday afternoon and the call went straight to voicemail. I'm guessing, like four years ago, he may be at Burning Man which means he's as off the grid as you can get these days. Still waiting to hear something, anything, about Familiar Stranger. Four years ago it was A Killer Blog for those keeping track.

And just like year, Paul and I registered to attend the Writer's Digest Novel Writing Conference in Pasadena in October. Always looking for ways to improve my writing and marketing, which is one of the seminars they'll be having. If you're going, maybe we'll see you there.

I've been wrapping up the rewrites on Getting Even. I had hoped to be done by now but I'm down to the last chapter so it's close.

Work continues on Issue #8 of Powers Squared. Rachel sent us inks for pages 9-16 and Nina delivered colors for pages 1-8. Tonight, we received thumbnails for the rest of the issue as well as the cover, so there is always something happening and more for Paul and me to look at, though it will probably be tomorrow before we do.

Speaking of AWOL, just like the last few posts, we're still waiting to hear back from our contact at comiXology. Somehow that feels so familiar, too. It's been at least a month since I sent him issue #6 to look at and well, no word yet. Not discouraged but disappointed.

We had what might amount to be our last Friday afternoon Google Hangout of the summer with both Rachel and Nina. You can follow the link to our YouTube channel here. It will take you to our website. The audio from our end isn't very good, not sure why but both Rachel and Nina are clear as a bell. I purchased a better microphone for when we do it again, though I'm not sure when it will be. I've really enjoyed talking with them this past summer.

Completed a review this week for Doctor X but actually published one for Dumbo as the Trophy Unlocked Saturday Morning Review. Still, have one to write this week for The Secret of NIMH.

So another anniversary has come and gone and all I got you was this post.

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