Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Week in Writing #181

Another week of writing when time permits, which I know is what a lot of other writers with day jobs go through, too. It seems like the rest of the world has other plans for you, but you've got to stay true to yourself and your goals. There is always something else that wants your time, some good, like family, others not so good, like errands and some downright blah like laundry and ironing. And there are all the other things that you don't get to that you should, like yardwork, so you can have more time to write. It's all give and take.

I sometimes think I try to do too much with the time I have available. But everything is important and sometimes having choices is good. When I don't feel like writing fiction I have reviews to work on. And then, there is, of course, the comic book, Powers Squared. Some weeks this is a real time demon, others it's very quiet. This was one of those weeks.

No word from our artist since we reviewed her layouts last week. That doesn't mean she isn't working on it, but I get kind of nervous when there is too much time between communications. That was one of the things that bothered me with our first artist, the long periods of radio silence, but I know our new one is pretty dedicated to getting her pages in every month.

No pages yet either from our new colorist, but she did email us about having the pages next week, which shows progress.

As promised, I did reach out last week to our contact at comiXology, because he wasn't going to be reaching out to me. Now, I waited until Friday, of course hoping I was wrong and he would. So nothing new to report there.

The only updates were the minor ones I made to the credits on the webpage: and they are minor, so no need to drop what you're doing and go take a look. Unless you really want to, then go ahead.

As far as reviews are concerned, I've probably spent an inordinant amount of time on them. Monday night, watched several shorts, including You Nazty Spy! (1940), a Three Stooges short making fun of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany. While I probably watched most of the Three Stooges' shorts durng my mispent youth, I hadn't watched one in years. There is a sameness about them, but this is a bit special since they were doing something no one else in Hollywood was doing at the time. I spent Monday and Tuesday night on that review and published it on Trophy Unlocked on Saturday morning.

On Friday night, my official night off, we watched Kong: Skull Island. I'm about 2000 words into a review of that film, over the weekend, so look for that one later.

That leaves Familiar Stranger getting the short shrift again. I did work on it, but it has been since Thursday night. I am further along, over 73000 words and on page 398, but I wish I was further than that. I am about one chapter away from plugging in a large chunk from a previous version. That's not going to be a slam dunk, but I can see the light and I want to get this rewrite finished.

So, this is the time I talk about goals for the coming week. They always seem to be the same, to do more, get further, but that's not always as easy to do as it is to say. I've got a review to write for next Saturday and I want to get that next chapter completed in Familiar Stranger. I'm also hoping to hear more on Powers Squared, both from the artists and also from those I need advice from.

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