Sunday, February 4, 2018

A Week in Writing #180

I'm always writing in the creases. By that, I have to find a little bit of time that I can call my own. It's not easy to find, as there is always something else to be done with work and commuting taking up the biggest chunks during the week. On the weekend, there are always things to do and errands to run.

Still working on Familiar Stranger, though I don't think I made as much progress as I did the week before. I'm now up to page 388 and about 71,500 words. Getting close to the portion I can add back in from a previous version, so I'm hoping at that point the rewrite will pick up speed. But as usual, I haven't really written on it since Thursday night.

Friday night is movie night at our house. This week we finally watched The Big Sick, which is nominated for Best Original Screenplay and I wrote a 1450 word review on Saturday which I'll publish later. In addition to that, I wrote another review, about 2000 words, over Monday and Tuesday nights, which was published on Saturday morning: A Dog's Life (1918), a short Charlie Chaplin made for First National.

We're celebrating the shortest month, February, with a look at short films. This coming week, I'll need to watch another short for Saturday; I'm not sure which one yet. That's the nice thing about shorts, they don't take all that long to watch. With A Dog's Life, I think I spent as much time looking for the disc I had it on as I did actually watching it.

In addition to my review, Trophy Unlocked published one for Coco on Sunday. As I believe I've written before, the movies we review are the ones that interest us and well Coco didn't when it was first released. After all the hype we heard we decided to go see it this weekend and really enjoyed it.

So that leaves Powers Squared and there, too, progress is being made. We sent the first four pages to the colorist and she asked some pretty good questions about what we were looking for. It's all good as far as that's concerned.

Our artist sent us layouts for the next 8 pages on Saturday night. Sunday, after the Super Bowl, Paul and I sat down and reviewed them. She sends us two possible layouts for each page, so it ends up being a little from column A and a little from column B as we go through each page against the script.

So it feels like good progress was made on all three fronts. Hopefully, next week things will continue to move forward.

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