Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Week in Writing #164

Well, I've survived, but there was a lot of life going on this week, which means less time for writing. My wife's birthday over the weekend led us to spend Friday at an amusement park, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Saturday doing other birthday activities, including going to the Getty Museum and out to dinner. A good time was had by all, but there were two days where very little actual writing got done.

That's not to say that other activities didn't happen. We posted two reviews on Trophy Unlocked this weekend, the Saturday morning review, Predator (1987) and a game review, Inside + Limbo Double Pack for PS4, on Sunday. Getting that done, at least with Predator meant I spent most of Monday night prepping that review for publication, so one more day down.

Finished a future review I had started for Side Street (1950) and wrote one for I Walked With a Zombie (1943), a film we managed to squeeze in after dinner out on Friday night. Thankfully the film was short. Spent part of the day Saturday and Sunday writing and prepping that review for next Saturday; part of our salute to horror films in October.

I'm pleased to see pageviews are up so far in October after a major dip in September. Some of that I attribute to colleges being back in session. I can tell when that's happening because pageviews of Romeo and Juliet are up.

As far as Powers Squared is concerned, we're still reeling and looking for a new colorist. We went back to our previous one, but she couldn't do it, so we took up our current one on her offer to help us find her replacement. That process started on Saturday night and we already have two possible prospects. We're thinking of having them color a page from the comic as a test.

Our artist is reverting back to his usual timetable, which means after a week, we have seen three pages as layouts and only two of those pages as pencils. We have decided on what we want the cover of Issue #5 to look like.

This week, I need to check in with Comixology and let them know where we are in the process. As always, I thought we'd be done by now, but that's the nature of collaborative art.

A surprise, I was able to do some editing on Familiar Stranger, the oft-written about rewrite I've been engaged with for what seems like forever. Most of the hard work is still ahead of me, but I feel at least I did something on it this week. I'm also hoping, that having put up the review for I Walked With a Zombie tonight it will free time next week so I can work on my novel.

Still, need to do some prep for the Writer's Digest conference later in the month. I haven't had a chance to listen to the webinar I started last week.

So my goal for the next week is more work on Familiar Stranger with some work no doubt on Powers Squared; that project never seems to stop.

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