Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Week in Writing #162

Okay this week, I didn't feel like I really did much writing, at least not on what I wanted to work on the week before, Familiar Stranger. Instead, I busied myself, when I was writing, on a script for a future story arc for Powers Squared, what would be Issues 8 and 9.

I said when I was writing because this was officially the kickoff for birthdays in my house. Mine was on Monday and my sons were on Thursday. I wanted to do more on my birthday, even taking the day off work, but all I got through was a future review of the original X-Men movie. A good portion of the day was spent "celebrating" and on Monday night there was a Dallas Cowboys football game, cake, ice cream, and gifts. So not a lot of time for writing then.

That scenario was sort of replicated on Wednesday night. Since Trevor had a class on his birthday, we went out to dinner that night and then again there was cake, ice cream, and gifts as well. So two days no real writing. That's what happens when you have a life.

Working on the script seemed an easier alternative than working on Familiar Stranger. When I get around to that, I really want to concentrate on that. I was pleased with the progress I made, getting it down to two issues with 20 pages each, though there are still edits that need to be made and a version to be passed on for Paul to edit.

Still putting the final touches on the script for Issues #6 and 7, so there is always work to do.

We're getting closer to the end of Issue #5. Our artist delivered the penultimate set of pages for Issue #5. Our colorist delivered what we'd sent her and Trevor has started in on lettering the issue. There are still missing pieces of Issues #3 and 4, so we still need to deal with them. I'd like to get all three issues squared away before moving on to Issue #6. Partly, it's a workflow and a cash flow issue. Paul will be taking classes on Mondays and Thursdays, so that will impact how much we can handle during the week; best to get a control of it before jumping into more.

This Saturday, Trophy Unlocked celebrated the publication of its 800th review, one for the video game Persona 5. It seemed fitting that it was written by Paul since he started the blog all those years ago now.

With Halloween approaching, we usually publish reviews of horror films during the month of October. I have three ready to go, so I was looking for a fourth. We chose to watch Tobor The Great (1954) since it promised to be about a Man-Made monster, at least that's what it says on the poster and DVD box. But that was not to be. I did finish a review this weekend for the film, about 2000 words, but it is not going to make it as part of our annual Halloween salute. So, we're back on the hunt for a fourth. Halloween starts on the blog next Saturday.

So this week should be back to normal, so to speak. We'll see what actually gets done.

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