Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Week in Writing #34

At 9:30 on a Saturday night I received an apology and a rejection from an agent I had given up on about a month ago. Seeing how that was 12:30 in the morning on Sunday, New York time, I wonder if they purposefully stayed up late to try and ruin my Sunday morning look at emails. As it was, the missive have ended up in my junk mail folder, which I guess is where it belonged in the first place.
I don't mean to sound blase about it, but I had already written them off as a no-go. Hearing from them a month later doesn't really effect how I feel.

A more productive week than most. I was able to complete the comic book script, at least a first draft. The story became four parts, 52 pages and over 10,000 words. I have to admit, I like the story, but so far the audience has been one, so I'm waiting for feedback. While I have the germ for the next story, I don't want to keep writing in a void. Hoping that this time at Comic-Con we can connect with an artist that can bring these words to life.

True to my word, I also completed a review for Shakespeare in Love, which was Friday a week ago's family movie. Didn't write a new one again, for the past Friday's film. Macbeth was up and we tried to watch not one, but two film versions based on the play. The first one starred Sean Connery and appeared to be a kinescope that had been remastered. The run time was a little over an hour, which made it appealing, but the play started several scenes in and seemed to be shot in mostly close-ups, the way many TV productions were at the time of small black and white sets.

Opted out of that one and tried to rent another version, this one with Nicol Williamson as the lead. But by then the hour was growing late and interest had waned. So no Macbeth review forthcoming.

Did publish one for Female (1933), ending a run of Pre-Code films. Not sure what to post next. A little mystery is good.

My writing goals for the next week are a little more simple. I want to get back to Barrister, either Public and Private because my editors given me feedback or Familiar Stranger, because it's time to put this one to bed.

I also want to send a few queries, which are always more of a time suck then you'd think. I really want to follow up this week with the agent who has my manuscript. We're coming up on a year since my original query. I'm anxious because I sort of fear the worst, but its time to rip that bandage off.

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