Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Week in Writing #31

Spent most of the week working on the rewrites for Public and Private.  There were about 500 pages that I had made notes on, but had not typed up. Made those edits, including some to the chapters I rewrote last week. Still waiting to hear back from my editor. Hopefully soon. We'll see where things go from here. Would really like to have another book to query. I'd like to think they're getting better.

No new queries this week and no new rejections, either. Coming up on a year since I first contacted the agent that has my complete manuscript. Not sure why I'm not hearing back from her.

Wrote a future review for Other Men's Women (1931), a pre-code film starring Grant Withers (yes that Grant Withers) with an appearance by some actor named James Cagney. Actually wanted to watch it for Withers, so look for that later. Posted a review for another pre-code film, Sinners' Holiday (1930). This one also stars Grant Withers and is Cagney's first film. Watched this one for Cagney. You can read that one here:

Also started working on another script for the comic book I still want to get started this year. Did not attend WonderCon this year. Attended last year, but the Comic Creator Connection was a bust, I'm afraid to say. Scheduling didn't work out to attend this year.

This coming week, planning on getting back to Familiar Stranger, doing more work on the comic book script and hopefully finding the time to query more agents. Things never seem to stop.

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