Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Week in Writing #17

Writing and the holidays are not a good mix. There are so many other demands on your time that it makes it very difficult to work on anything but family and fun. Quite a choice to make. Sometimes you can squeeze in some writing during the down times in the holidays, but there are several days that I wasn't able to write this past week. I did have some time to think, but actually sitting down for any length at a keyboard was out of the question until today.

I did manage to think of a new story for the comic book I still want to work on. We have scripts, it's really just a matter of finding an artist to work with. This project has taken a backseat since Comic-Con, but it is not forgotten. About a quarter of the way through a first draft.

I think I'm also finally past the sticking point in my rewrite of Familiar Stranger, the spot I've been circling for about a month or so now. I'm hoping I can continue to work on it to completion. I'm about 60 percent through the rewrite.

Nothing this past week on the agent front. No new queries and no new rejections, requests or DNRs and no new edits on Public and Private to report, but I really didn't expect anything to happen until after the New Year. Planning to send out some new queries after everyone returns to work in January.

As far as other writing, posted on Saturday my last Stubs review of the year on Trophy Unlocked, the aptly named Holiday (1938), Still need to write a wrap-up for the year post for the end of the year. Not sure what to write/post for the start of 2015.  Always like to start the year off with a comedy if at all possible, but which one?

Well, that about sums up this week for me. Not a lot to report, but I'm hoping to get more done this next week. I will, of course, report it all right here. Until then, hope you have a happy and safe New Year's Eve.

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