Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Week in Writing #18

The old saying is that "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." While the holidays had been a pleasant diversion from writing, I had hoped to get some more work done this week and weekend. I didn't count on a water leak inside one of the walls, which became a real distraction getting fixed. Note: Try not to have an emergency plumbing problem late on a Friday afternoon right after a holiday. It took about five hours of calling and waiting to get someone to stop the leak and then re-arranging the next day to be sure to be home so they can finish the repair. Now it's repairing the wall and moving everything back in. But hey, what are you going to do?

Trying to get set for the new year, so I updated the query list I keep on an excel spreadsheet. I hadn't looked at it during the holidays, so I thought I'd play a little catch up. 7 DNRs; not a great stat to end the year on. It's possible that I might hear something from one of these agents later, as they, too, may be caught up in the end of the year/holiday rush, but for now their stated reply time has run out, so I have to move on. That leaves me with only four active queries, including the agent who has the complete manuscript. I plan to send more queries, but not until the week after the New Year's.

I also took some time to research agents for screenplays. This must be a very mercurial profession as I went down several recent internet lists and found more than half appeared to be out of business. Some have websites that tell you nothing or seem to be perpetually in a state of construction. I was able to whittle it down to a list of 21 that seemed to be legitimate and still in business. I thought I didn't have enough rejections in my writing life that I might as well shop around a couple of screenplays. Check back here to see how that goes.

Did get some real writing done as well, not just research for disappointment:

Made some real progress on the rewrite for Familiar Stranger. Having gotten past the roadblock, now it's updating it from taking place on water to taking place on land, so it's not quite, pardon the pun, smooth sailing just yet.

Wrote another installment for the someday happening comic book, When we pitched our idea at the Comic Creators Connection at last year's Comic-Con, one of the artists seemed disappointed that we didn't have our heroes in costumes. I finally wrote a story based on the premise. It was good to get back to the story and I'm hoping to get some good feedback from my co-writer/editor on the project.

Posted a review on Trophy Unlocked on this past Saturday, which is my usual day to post. Starting the year off with a comedy, His Girl Friday (1940). Find it here:

2014 had been the the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles coming to America, the 75th Anniversary for Hollywood's Golden Year, 1939, and the 100th anniversary of feature film-making in Hollywood, three things we celebrated on Trophy Unlocked. Of course, there are other anniversaries in 2015, including the 100th for The Birth of a Nation, D.W. Griffith's most controversial and successful film. Watched the movie and wrote a 4700-plus word essay about the film. Will be posting that later in the year.

So that's about it for this week. I have high hopes for 2015 and will tell all on this blog, so please keep checking back. And as always, comments are welcomed.

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