Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Week in Writing

I was going to write about the week sort of lamenting my lack of progress.

My editor is still sort of AWOL. I believe he survived Burning Man, but no word yet. I had been waiting for over a month to get some pages from him.

I got two rejections in the same day, both for Past Present and neither insightful. But you don't expect that from someone that read all of five or ten pages. The same day, I wrote off another query after two months and no response for A Killer Blog. Since I'd sent a SASE, I sort expect there to be some response, but after two months you've got to move on. I trust the agent peeled off the stamp and used it to pay a bill.

On the comic book front, we reached out again to an artist we met at Comic Con, but haven't heard back. Not sure what that means, but if they don't pan out, we'll have to look elsewhere.

My prospects changed somewhat last night when I received a request for a full for A Killer Blog from an agent who had read the first 150 pages. I sent the manuscript off this morning, so I'm hopeful. But it's a waiting game now. The agent took a little over 3 months to read the first pages I sent, so I'm not expecting any response right away.

Posted a review on Trophy Unlocked for Show People, a silent film from 1928 starring Marion Davies. Planning on concentrating on silent films throughout the month of September. Also worked on a review of Shane (1953) for a future post.

Kept writing, actually rewrites. I'm doing a self-edit on a different book than the one the editor is reviewing. Getting through about 1000 words a day, which is my goal.

During the week, roughed out a new story idea for PowerSquared with Paul and began to write it up this weekend.

The lesson of the week is to keep patient and keep writing.

Comments welcomed.

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