Sunday, March 7, 2021

A Week in Writing #341 - Grass on Your Front Lawn

Hope this finds everyone safe and writing.

I'm using a quote from the movie Rationing for two reasons. First, this week, I did finish my review of that 1944 film but also because I've spent the last two weekends putting down seed. And while this is not a gardening blog, I should say that so far the weeds are coming in really great. The seeds are supposed to take three weeks to germinate so I'm hoping they will come in with a vengeance when they do.

So, since we're talking reviews, not gardening, let's start with Trophy Unlocked. My dual review of Spider-Man 3 and  Spider-Man 3: The Editor's Cut appeared as this week's Saturday Morning Review. During the week, Paul's review of the video game A Short Hike appeared on Wednesday. I've got two reviews now to do, one for Smart Woman (1931) from our drain the DVR Saturday and now Peter Jackson's King Kong.

On Powers Squared, we made a change and are now only doing a monthly newsletter, The Hound Dogs' Howl. While in the long term it will be easier for us, in the short term it was the big project of the morning. We're still doing the same things we have been doing we just won't be putting them into a newsletter on a weekly basis. That was one of the items that came out of our discussion last week with Gamal Hennessy.

The other was to try to sell our graphic novel, or the hardback trade version of the first five issues, to college libraries. We wrote a Sales Sheet this week for it and showed it to the publisher, who is also in advertising and he seemed to really like it. Now it's just a matter of moving forward with trying to sell it. One step at a time.

Paul and I did sit in on a Zoom call, which Gamal was also on, to learn more about Crowdfunding. The big takeaway is that you need a crowd to crowdfund.

Paul figured out how to bring the PodBean player into the website, so it's easier than ever to listen to our podcast, On the Air with Powers Squared. This past Friday, we met David Whalen, the creator behind Correct Handed Comics and, more specifically, The Offspring. We had both been featured in a story on bored panda a couple of years ago, which led me to use Offspring as a competitor for Powers Squared when we were working on our Ideal Reader project. And that led me to invite David to appear on our podcast.

Onto Broken People, I did send out a second query this past week. This wasn't my first choice. I had, through Query Tracker, found a new junior agent that seemed like a good target but the agency's website didn't have a link for them yet. The one I did send it to, like the one I queried last week, also wanted the first 50 pages, so in the end, I sent the same email query to them. This agency makes it sound like it will actually respond to queries so I will, of course, let you know if and when I hear back.

So, to round out the week, I did some additional work on Skylar but as you can imagine, it got the short shrift again this week.

Well, that about does it for me. Keep writing and I'll see you back here next week.

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