Sunday, February 28, 2021

A Week in Writing #340 - Marketing and a New Query

Hope this finds everyone staying safe and writing.

This week, I finally finished my grammar check of Broken People and after another round of spell checking and some quick edits decided it was ready to query again. So I did send one off on Thursday night. If you're new to this blog or have perhaps forgotten, I try to do one a week. I really hate the experience, though it is a very necessary step, and find it very anxious to hit send on the email. I'm never sure if I've answered everything a particular agency wants in their query letter.

This time, from scratch, I rewrote the query letter trying to incorporate what this agency was looking for. I'll be honest the letter probably didn't change all that much but it was written uniquely for the agent. In this case, the agent wanted the first 50 pages, so if I don't hear anything back I should take it personally, I guess. It's one thing to get a pass on a query letter but when there is real work included it matters more and seems more like a real rejection of me.

With this agent, their response is stated as "If we are interested, we will be in touch as soon as we possibly can. If you have not heard back from us within six weeks you may consider it a pass." So, I guess we'll see and, if I do hear back, I will write about it here, that's the promise.

I did do minimal work this week on Skylar, almost so little as it's not worth than a sentence mention.

Last week, I mentioned that Paul and I were having a virtual meeting to discuss the marketing of Powers Squared. I won't get into who we spoke with, as this is not that kind of blog, but I think it went pretty well. Our biggest fear was that he would tell us to burn the thing to the ground and start over, which he didn't. We discussed our ideal reader and decided that it would be best to try to work with colleges and students, and if possible twins in colleges, though neither Paul nor I have been able to find any sort of social media that includes that segment of the population. He seemed to like what we had done with the website, telling us that we had the car and the food, we just needed a destination.

One thing that came out of it was that we're going to stop doing a weekly newsletter. We had been doing one big newsletter once a month, The Hound Dogs' Howl, named after the school's paper in the comic book and filling in the rest of the weeks with a stripped-down version called The Bark. Now we're going to cut back to just doing The Howl and reserve The Bark for announcements in between. Of course, you're invited to enroll to receive the first issue of Powers Squared free and the newsletter.

We brought together all of the creative team for our Friday On the Air with Powers Squared to discuss what we had learned. And well, that version won't be available after it runs its course on Twitch, as for some reason, the recording didn't capture Julia or Rachel's side of the conversation. To make amends, Paul and I recorded an abbreviated podcast the next night and that's what's up on the podcast platforms. If you're interested, you can listen to or find where to listen to it on our website at

On to reviews, I did finish mine for Illicit and in the late hours on Saturday night started one for Rationing (1944). While I don't know when those will go up, I did publish one on Saturday morning, The Trial of the Chicago 7. This had been a busy week on Trophy Unlocked, with five reviews this week. In addition to mine, on Monday, Paul published his review of the video game Hitman (2016), followed on Wednesday with Hitman 2 (2018), and on Friday with Hitman 3. While this is supposed to be about Sunday to Saturday, I'm going to include Trevor's review that came out today, Daft Punk Unchained, since the group announced this past week that they were breaking up and it's newsworthy.

Well, that about does it for me. Keep writing and I'll see you next week.

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