Sunday, July 16, 2023

A Week in Writing #465 - Blame This Week on Me

Hope everyone is staying safe, and, of course, writing.

Every Sunday I sit down at my computer and try to think of what I've done or, more likely the case, haven't done to move my writing career, if you can call it that, forward. This week seems to be the case of the haven't dones and didn't dos.

As an example, I didn't send out a query again this week. I'm not sure why this time but I'm sure if I really think hard I could come up with a really great excuse. But in reality, there isn't one. I failed, even though I promised I would. Forgive me?

Not much to report on the Powers Squared front except to say that our Friday On the Air with Powers Squared was our 200th. We got a badge from PodBean to prove it. As monumental as that is, showing I guess what could be called stick-to-itiveness, we didn't really celebrate it on the show. Instead, we did the show about our expectations for next week's San Diego Comic-Con. As you're no doubt aware there are strikes by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA that will have an impact but there is really a lot of stuff to see and do. I will, of course, be reporting all this next Monday in a Report from the Front. That's right, no blog post on Sunday. I'll just be happy to have made it home by then.

I should take a moment hear to mention all the hard work that does go into the podcast and want to thank my son Paul, who has co-hosted from the beginning. I don't think it would ever make it air without him. Trevor has been a frequent guest, but Paul has been the mainstay.

We've had some great guests on, including many from our creative team include Rachel Wells, Julia Canon and the recent addition of Jen Moreno. One thing I've enjoyed is meeting other creators and people in the industry and we look forward to having more people like that on the show. And, of course, the people that listen, download and/or watch the show are really the best. It's those who keep us doing it.

Found out that our colorist is streaming her work on the book on twitch. I don't know if there's a schedule but you can check it out at And there is a link on the SRCC page on the website.

I also wrote out some concepts for possible episodes for a Powers Squared show. But I'm waiting to hear back on the script before geting too excited. I figure that feedback isn't coming until after Comic-Con. Everything else sort of stops until after that's over. Right now this is an exercise in the what could be not the what is.

The Saturday Morning Review this week on Trophy Unlocked was mine for Snowglobe, a 2007 TV Movie that starred Christina Milian. Blame it on Hallmark, who invented the concept of Chirstmas in July, which is why we selected this Christmas film to feature. Next week, we're continunig with another Milian Christmas-starrer, A Snow Globe Christmas.

I'm working on a review now for Murder in a Private Car (1934). This was a more recent addition to the DVR so it was all actually still there. As always, not sure when it will appear on the blog.

To continue with the didn't dos for the week, I didn't write anymore on Skylar, but I did work a couple of nights on the new story idea.

Okay, the next week doesn't promise to be productive as far as the word count goes. After Tuesday, I'll be at the Con and writing doesn't fit in considering the schedule.

So, that about does it for me. Keep writing and I'll see you next on the 24th.

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