Sunday, April 18, 2021

A Week in Writing #347 - What Next?

Hope everyone is staying safe and writing.

Have you ever had a moment when you've done something really big and then realize you're going to have to think of something to do next week? On the Air with Powers Squared, we had the biggest guest we've had on the show, John Barber, the Editor-in-Chief at IDW, and our longest show clocking in at about 90 minutes.

John is someone we've known for about a decade, mostly through conventions, but he was nice enough to give us the opportunity to be on our show. We didn't think we'd have another chance so we asked him everything we could about his career. He started out doing webcomics and has worked at Marvel as well as IDW. He was very gracious with his time. I encourage you to check it out. Currently, the audio is available on several platforms, but you can listen to it on our website,

Now, we have to come up with something for next Friday. Can't top that but we'll do the best we can. I'm guessing we'll do something closer to the original intention of the show, which was to provide a behind-the-scenes look at Powers Squared. Stay tuned.

While we're on the subject of Powers Squared, please allow me to discuss a promotion we're running. One of the platforms we have it on is GlobalComix. Unlike other digital platforms like ComiXology there is no app to download. Well, anyway, on GlobalComix, we're offering the first three issues of Powers Squared for FREE! If you've been dragging your feet about reading it, now is the time. You can check out the offer at The hope is after the first three you'll want to read more and we might make some money. Talk about pipedream.

We're still waiting to hear back from ComiXology on Issue #11, so we haven't set a release date just yet.

I had another review go up on Trophy Unlocked this Saturday, Tomorrow is Forever (1946). The week prior was Hitman week #2 with Paul's reviews running Monday through Friday in this order: Hitman: Codename 47Hitman 2: Silent AssassinHitman: ContractsHitman: Blood Money; and Hitman: AbsolutionI did write a new one this weekend, Wife vs. Secretary (1936). No idea when it will go up but as always, I'll let you know when it does.

I did do a new query this week for Broken People. I decided to mix things up and sent it to an agent in England. I know, long shot but if I am rejected it will be interesting to compare ones from there to ones from here. I'll try to do a new one this week. I still need to write a new hook, I guess, based on my last rejection. You really hope they go on the writing but I think it's any excuse not to actually read them. But hey that's just my opinion.

In between everything, I have been doing more writing on Skylar. I'm still going through my routine of editing to get back to where I left off. I'm starting to think about making a change in the plotting of the story itself, something to raise the stakes.

I'm not sure where you are with the COVID vaccine but I'm scheduled to get my first shot on Tuesday morning. Last time I got a vaccine shot, about a year or so ago, it wiped me out the next day. So we'll see and hope for the best. But I'm encouraging you if you get a chance to get one that you do it. We all want to continue writing, don't we?

Well, that does it for me. Keep writing and I'll see you back here next week.

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