Sunday, July 19, 2020

A Week in Writing #308 - Knee Deep in Rewrites

Hope everyone is well and staying safe!

Am I alone but I really like the editing process, especially on my own stuff. This past week, I've been printing 25 to 30 pages at a time, trying to end at the end of a chapter of The Runaway and, with whatever available time, I've been reading and editing those pages. I'm old fashioned at this stage, paper and pencil, but for me, it's the only way to do it. I find myself carrying a larger and larger stack of papers with me when I do, as I like to keep all the previous pages with me, in case I want to look for something written before. It's interesting to me that 400 pages printed seem to be taller than 500 pages in the ream it came from.

I also did a rewrite on the pilot script for Powers Squared using notes from the table read. Paul has it for review and more editing. That was something that was on my plate for too long, as I really want to get through that and the pitch packet before summer ends. I would say before the coronavirus ends but I think we'll probably beat that.

Speaking of Powers Squared, I had an idea mid-week about doing more with the college setting of the story. If you've read any of the issues (and thank you for that) you'll know it's set at San Romero Community College. We even have t-shirts with the college crest on them for purchase. I had the idea that when we publish the next issue (#10) later this year that instead of hyping the next book we hype the school. I managed to do a preliminary mockup of the page, but my version of PhotoShop doesn't allow me to do everything I want.

That got me thinking that instead of encouraging people to Join, we should encourage them to enroll and provide them with a page to do that. The idea would be to make it look like a College Catalog with a brief history of the school, a story about the mascot, a way to sign up for the school paper, The Hound Dogs' Howl, and to use various means to have visitors hopefully hit up the shop for issues, websites of the creatives through course listings and staff listings and to provide glimpses of college life at dear old SRCC. I managed to put that page together as well this week, though we're still waiting for feedback from our colorist before launching.

Finished the review I was working on from last week, Scene of the Crime, and started two new ones: Top Gun and The Bribe for Trophy Unlocked. The reviews this week were both by Trevor this week, Wednesday it was Devolverland Expo and on Saturday it was Chicken Little.

Next week will be an abbreviated one as on Wednesday we're going to Comic-Con, though this year it will be a virtual @home experience. The Con will still run for five days with panels online and the Exhibit Hall, Small Press, and Artist Alley going virtual as well. There will be a lot to explore but without the walking and hustle and bustle.

After these sorts of events, I usually do a Report from the Front about what I may have learned about writing. Not sure how much I'll get to this time around as a lot of the instructional panels are either ones I've already attended in person or ones that I'm not interested in attending at all. But we'll see because, as they say, you never know.

Well, that about does it for me. Keep writing, wear your mask, and I'll see you next week.

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