Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Week in Writing #155

Another Sunday night and another reflection on the week that was and wasn't as far as my writing goes. I hit the usual marks, Powers Squared, Familiar Stranger and Trophy Unlocked, but there is always the feeling that I could have done more.

Let's begin where we begin most posts with a little visitation to Powers Squared. We're sort of spread out over three different issues at the moment. Issue #3 is just about done. Our trusty letterer delivered the changes that we asked for last night. We still have a credit's page and a cover to go, more about the latter in a moment.

Sent the revision to the same guy at ComiXology whom we met with on the first day of Comic-Con, the meeting right after some guy threatened to knock out my teeth for bumping into him. We gave him the book as it was then, but never heard back. Followed up last weekend, and again no response. Sent him the revised version today so there's always hope. Promises sort of seem hollow when people don't follow through.

As far as the cover, we were able to get a response from the artist we're interested in using. That came this week after we followed up from the first email we sent about ten days before. (Do you see a trend here?). He asked a couple of questions that we answered, so we're back on the wait game with him as well.

I try not to fault people for not responding, as I assume they're really busy, but it still hurts when they don't. I can't help that feeling. It's sort of like one of the guys I showed it to at work. He'd had the book for a couple of months now so I asked him if he'd read it. "Well, no, I haven't had a chance." That sort of hurts, too. This isn't War and Peace I'm asking him to read, but a 20 page comic book that's mostly pictures.

Overall, I've sort of been disappointed in the people I've shared it with so far, as most have not responded or read it. One guy went out of his way to give me his comic book reading credentials, but as far as I know has never actually read it. I think I gave it to him back in October. People don't respond they way you'd hope they would. Even negative criticism would be better than radio silence.

So end's this week's rant.

Issue #4 is about four pages away. In this case, we have a cover, the one originally intended for Issue #3. Now we're waiting for the colorist, which is unusual, and then it's off to the letterer.

And Issue #5 has four pages penciled, which is faster than normal. So progress is being made.

Don't want to waste the opportunity, so in case you've been wanting to buy them, but just didn't have an easy link, Powers Squared Issues #1 and #2 are still for sale on ComiXology. You know ABS: Always Be Shilling.

I'm still loving the rewrite process with Familiar Stranger. I really feel like the book is getting better. At this moment, I'm up to 157 and 28,600 words in. Writing to show not tell and tightening it up as I go. All this from the Drake programs at Comic-Con. Trying to ride that as far and as long as I can. I know there is some real rewriting in my future, but I'll get to that when I get to it. I'm hoping the momentum will continue when I get to those pages.

It's been a busy weekend on Trophy Unlocked. It started with the Saturday Morning Review, this week Shield for Murder (1953). Then later that night, Paul posted a review of the really horrible Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.

Trevor followed that up with a Sharknado Review Hub. Turns out we've reviewed all but one of those movies on the Blog.

Ended the week with a review of Atomic Blonde (2017), a film we saw in the theaters on Friday. I know its a little late to the game, but no one's giving us free tickets, so we see them when we can.

Well that about wraps it up for this week. Not sure what awaits next week. More work on the usual, hopefully. And maybe, just maybe, some people will respond to our emails from this week and last. Wouldn't that be something? I know, don't get my hopes up. Check back next week and see what happens. And in the meantime, keep writing.

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