Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Week in Writing #148

This week got derailed from the get-go I'm afraid. A bout of insomnia on Sunday night made Monday night one of those want-to-but-can't nights. I mean I could sit down at the laptop, but couldn't concentrate enough to type much.

Tuesday night was a movie night for the family as we went to a special 3-D Imax screening of Transformers: The Last Knight. Even though the movie started at 7, the evening didn't end until after 11, so not a big night for writing.

Did manage some rewrites on Familiar Stranger on Wednesday night, but I'm at a point where some of the timelines need work. I've got more time and less action to fill that time. As a "pantser," a writer who sits down and writes without everything outlined in advance, this is an occupational hazard. With a little more time I should be able to fix that. Oh, but time...

Thursday night is the time I spend putting together the Saturday Morning Review, San Francisco (1936). My editor on this might not believe me, but this is the time I copy the review into Blogger, check the grammar and add photos to illustrate the review.

My Friday afternoon was spent running errands and Friday night was Family movie night, Transformers (2007). Saturday was yard work, laundry, errands and another viewing of Transformers: The Last Knight, this one also in 3D, but free at Paramount. (I'm a sucker for a free movie.)

All those distractions aside, some work did actually get done. On Powers Squared, we got four more pages finalized with our artist, though we're still missing a couple of Tiffs. We also got four more pages from our colorist. In addition, I took the first pass at Issue #3, making some notes for Paul to also review. On top of that, I reviewed what would be the scripts for Issues #6 and 7; you have to plan ahead. Still some edits to be made, but I'm guessing we have plenty of time to make them.

And to make the week complete, I also finished a review for Journey into Fear (1943) and began one for He Ran All the Way (1951).

So while not my most productive week, things still got done.

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