Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Week in Writing #133

Another productive week, but not always for the right reasons, but more on that later.

The comic book, Powers Squared, does seem to be coming along. The artist has completed up through page 12 on Issue #3; the colorist is almost done with page 4, Issue #2 and the letterer is up to page 15 Issue #1. There is always give and take in all of this, different ideas and understandings, but I think things are generally moving forward.

Got some writing done this weekend, mostly because we were sort of "held hostage" by an incompetent handyman who was at our house for almost nine hours over two days and not only didn't they finish the work but left us with a mis-installed kitchen faucet and a leaking dishwasher. There were supposed to be three items done, but we kicked him out because we had other things to do with what was left of our weekend. Now we're probably looking at another weekend to get everything that should have been done this weekend. The groan of home ownership. Sometimes I think we have the wrong American dream.

That said, I was able to start and complete a 2300 word review of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? as well as get further into the rewrite of Familiar Stranger. I'm now about 12000 words into the rewrite. I had a couple of pretty good ideas about the book float up one morning when I went for a pre-breakfast walk. I try to do a mile every morning and now that I'm thinking about this rewrite, the ideas sort of came to me. I haven't written to those suggestions yet, but I do think they're going to help and I do think the book is getting better, which is always my goal.

I've sort of gotten a little gun shy about following up on a submission I made on Submittable back in September. An agency asked for the entire manuscript for Public and Private and I know you're supposed to give them 6 months to read it, which is a maddening amount of time to wait. I had stopped querying about it due to lack of time and I'm fearing the worst because it's sort of been beaten into me over time. The query is in a Schrodinger's Cat sort of state and I guess I don't want to know for a fact that it's dead. Go ahead, call me squeamish.

The Saturday Morning Review this week was Shane (1953). It was the 750th review on Trophy Unlocked and so far does not seem to be getting a lot of pageviews, only 16 so far, which is sort of low, but some of that goes hand in hand with posting on the weekend. I am sort of pleased that the Academy Award Review Hub I posted on Oscar night has been well read and I think is leading to pageviews for other posts linked to it.

Now on to the mundane. I'm not sure how the time change will affect me and my writing next week. I'm going to guess negatively, as it always seems to. So far day one, I'm fine, but it's really a day two through day four sort of adjustment. It will be nice to drive home during daylight, so there are small compensations, I guess.

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