Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Week in Writing #78

Some weeks it seems like writing is really a business.

Again, spent most of the time either working with artists on the comic book or doing rewrites on the mystery novel.

It is proving to be quite interesting to watch the comic book coming together. We're sort of at the point where we have about 20% inked and colored, though some of that is still being revised.

It's hard to know if you're setting the right tone with the artwork. The choice of colors seems so extra important when it's your comic book that's being done. You worry about colors, apparel choices, making sure the characters are different enough, etc. Every step needs to be reviewed and thought about. Paul and his brother have been very helpful with that. Some nights, it seems that's all I get accomplished.

Still, I managed to finish the rewrites and now I'm going back through and spell-checking and looking at word choice. Does a word like lobby need to be used as many times as I did? It may seem like minutiae, but it really is important. I think it reads well, but up to a point, it could always read better. These will be the sort of things I try to finish this week.

Picked up 2 more twitter followers and am in double digits again. (Insert Kanye-West-style-how-important-I-am-rant here.) I'm always grateful that anyone follows me.

Did post a new review on the blog: Duck Soup (1933), continuing in Trophy Unlocked's salute to titles with animal-themes. Did begin, but haven't quite finished a review of, Satan Met a Lady (1936). We watched that film on Friday and saw it's remake, The Maltese Falcon (1941) on Sunday as part of TCM's Fanthom Event showing. Sometimes these reviews seem like the only real writing I do in a week.

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