Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Week in Writing #77

This has not been a great week pretty much all around. The first bad thing is that I wrecked my car, though that's not related to writing.

The next day, I thought I misplaced my IP, my nickname for the thumb drive I carry with me that has all my writing on it, that I had never quite gotten around to backing up on my computer. And by all of my writing, I mean pretty much everything I've done and talked about on this blog post.

I was driving the rental car, which is actually a pick up truck and which I really hate, when I noticed that my thumb drive wasn't in my pocket. I felt around and it wasn't on the seat, so I did something I'm want to do, went back to the office. I'm the sort that when I leave, I leave, but on this night, I went back. I searched the truck: nothing. I went back upstairs to my work station: nothing. I retraced my footsteps outside: nothing. I knew I had it on me that day, since I had used something off of it earlier. So I was really panicked for about two hours, traffic being heavy.

I was convinced that much of what I had written for the past six months or so, including a lot of movie reviews, comic book scripts and mystery stories were gone forever. Not only that, there were some personal paperwork that had my social security information and perhaps even worse, my Google password. Since I save my passwords on Google, you can imagine what damage could be done by someone with that information. That was not a great feeling to have, let me tell you.

When I got home, I emptied my pockets: nothing. For the sake of completeness, I emptied my briefcase, a place I never put the thumb drive and I mean never. But there it was on the bed after everything had fallen out.

The first thing I did was backup everything from the thumb drive to my computer and I do mean everything. Lesson: always back up.

More progress on the books, both comic and mystery. For the latter, I finally finished reading the entire manuscript, making corrections as I go. Need to do some updating/editing, which I will start this week.

Some progress was made on the comic book. Got some sample pages from our new colorist and we gave him some notes. Also gave some notes to our artist on a new page he delivered. I feel a little strange criticizing their work, but I hope they understand that we just want the best comic book we can get.

Did finish and publish my review of Hail, Caesar! this week. Also published the last of the tributes to the Year of the Monkey on Trophy Unlocked: The Monkee's Head (1968). So far Head has proven to be a fairly popular post with 70 pageviews since Saturday morning.

Glad to see this week end, but I'm looking forward to another week in writing.

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