Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Week in Writing #70

For the first time in quite awhile, I've had a couple of days where I didn't write very much or at all. I know the old saying, "writers write" but sometimes it's more important to enjoy the moment than sit down behind a laptop and pound out a thousand words.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are too busy to really spend much time writing. And the day after Christmas, what the British celebrate as Boxing Day, we call at my house, Movie Day. We sit and watch five or six films in a row, or our version of binge watching. This year we watched: Inside Out and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 both in 3-D,  Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods, Dragon Ball Z Resurrection 'F', Kung Fu Panda, Shaun The Sheep Movie and Up The River. Some of these are films we've already watched and reviewed and some will become fodder for future posts, but for the most part these were new films to our collection that the family wanted to see.

While I liked Shaun the Sheep Movie, I won't be reviewing it on the blog since I work for Lionsgate and it might seem like a conflict of interest if I were to. I did write a future post for Up The River (1930) of about 2400 words. The film is notable because it stars Spencer Tracy and Humphrey Bogart in their first credited roles and is directed by John Ford.

During the week, did finish and post a review of Star Wars The Force Awakens and another one for Return of the Jedi. I thought I'd write a little more next week about posts and pageviews throughout the year, but I'm very surprised after 162 pageviews for Empire Strikes Back that Return of the Jedi has only mustered 24 and The Force Awakens only 32. I really thought I was onto something, but there are a lot of factors, I guess, not to mention holidays that might affect readership.

Had the thought for a good beginning of J.D. Barrister story and did do some revision work on a novel I started about him called The Runaway. But those aren't the stories I should be working on and I know it.

Hoping to find some time this coming week to do more writing and moved forward on the comic book, but I also want to take advantage of my staycation by making some calls and seeing some sights. Life's a balancing act, isn't it?

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