Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Week in Writing #5

I'm not sure who said it first, but life is what happens while you're busy making other plans. With the heat descending on Los Angeles this weekend, I had hoped to stay in and get some writing done. However, our clothes dryer went out and we needed a new one, so most of Saturday was spent on finding a reasonably priced one and scheduling to get it delivered. I won't bore you with the details, but something like that takes a big chunk of time and energy.

Posted a new review on Trophy Unlocked for Dracula (1931), as part of our Halloween horror film salute. I also simultaneously post a version of the post on TCM's CFU. I usually get more hits there, but I wouldn't be doing them if it weren't for Trophy Unlocked. I like having a deadline and working towards it. I also wrote another review for Friday and did some research on one I still have to write for later in the month. We're looking at five films in October, Dracula being the first, followed by Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Wolf Man and Freaks.

Spent some real quality time on my editing for Familiar Stranger. I had to rethink some of the plot points, which is still part of the process. I'm a little more than half way through this revision. I've gone back over the same section, but this week, I think I did about 4000 words. (Coupled with my review of about 3900 words for later in the week and I'm still keeping with my thousand words a day.)

No new pages from my editor on Public and Private, so I have nothing new to report on that.

As I promised last week, I spent sometime today sending out queries for representation. At present I have 15 out: 10 for Past Present and 5 for A Killer Blog. So far only one agent has asked for more pages, the full manuscript for A Killer Blog. I didn't get any rejections yet, so I would say it's a good week on that front. All four books have the same lead character, so I'm hoping to have a viable series when I'm done.

I started doing this blog to keep myself honest and on task and I think it helps. It at least makes me keep myself accountable for the work I'm doing. Even if I'm not where I want to be at present, I have to keep working on that goal.

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