Sunday, July 4, 2021

A Week in Writing #358 - I Know, I Know

Hope everyone is staying safe and writing. For those of you in the U.S., I hope you had a Happy and Safe Fourth of July.

The subtitle isn't about my knowing the answer to an unasked question but rather my own realization that I mislabelled the post. I had it as #157 instead of #357. I don't know what I was thinking and just happened across the error sometime mid-week. If you ever see something like that again, please leave me a comment or something. So embarrassing!

So, confession time and we should get this out of the way right off the bat, I did not send out any queries this week and the ones I have out have probably expired on the vine. My goal is to do those on Thursday night but that turned into a couple of hours of reviewing thumbnails and character designs for Issue #19 of  Powers Squared.

I know I talk about that every week and it is days like this past Thursday where it takes over my schedule. We're starting to work on a new issue with our artist and I don't want her to think we're ignoring her efforts by not looking at what she sends us. The exception to that is anything sent on a Friday doesn't get looked at right away, 'cause hey, it's Friday.

And I know last week I was bemoaning the lack of pages that had been colored and that, at least for now, has been rectified as we're finally up to 8 pages. When we started doing the book, I envisioned it the artist drawing eight pages each month with the colorist about a month behind and the letterer a month behind that. Of course, it's never worked out that way and right now, the colorist is a couple of months behind the artist.

I don't begrudge her or anything. She did just start working full-time and needed to get back into a rhythm with the coloring. Hopefully, we're back on schedule, though, as I wrote about a month or more behind. It's not like we have a tight schedule since we're about seven issues ahead of the releases.

Even though it's the fourth, we still had a newsletter to write and we did get it out this morning. As always, I hope one of you reading this might sign up for it. It's FREE and it only comes once a month. You can sign up for it by enrolling at

We had a good OAPS show on Friday, with Julia joining Paul, Trevor, and I as we did a table read of Issue #19. I thought it might be fun to really go into more depth on how we put together an issue. While a table read isn't really part of the process, it is a chance to introduce the script. You can listen to it at

We're about five away from doing our 100th podcast. I think it's like the first Friday in August. We're not sure what we'll do yet but it is a sort of a momentous occasion. Don't worry, I'll be reminding you of this several times before we actually get there.

If you read Trophy Unlocked during the week, you'd notice that I sort of took over the blog, at least for five days as we gave a salute, of sorts, to pre-code films. Monday's film was Her Man (1930), followed by Chances (1931), followed by The Last Flight (1931), followed by Trouble in Paradise (1932) on Thursday. We finished the week with The Sign of the Cross (1932), Cecile B. DeMille's ode to debauchery and Christianity.

And now for something completely different, on Saturday it was Paul's review of Holes to round out the week.

I started work on another review, Crime School (1938) but I'm not as far along as I'd like. Really got tired last night before I could get very far.

During the week, I did manage some more work on Skylar.  With this version, I'm up to 16,598 words and I think it's going better than previous rewrites. I try not to set too many goals, as I never seem to make them, but I'm hopeful I'll get further along. I feel like I'm on a roll this time (and I know I've said that before, but this time for sure).

Well, I think I've covered the main topics.

Keep writing and I'll see you back here next week.

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