Sunday, January 24, 2021

A Week in Writing #335 - Query Hell

I hope everyone is staying safe and writing.

So tell me, has this ever happened to you? You've edited and spell-checked your manuscript repeatedly in Word but when you paste the first ten pages into your query email, there are suddenly several words that are identified as questionable. You try to make all the corrections there but it makes you rethink your book, at least the spelling in it.

Well, that happened to me on Thursday. I was going through the process of sending out my weekly query when suddenly several words show up in the email as possibly misspelled. I make those corrections before I send it but it gets me thinking about what I've been sending.

Trust me when I say I had gone through Broken People several times but I'm finding that the spell check is not perfect in Word and the grammar program I have on the internet is picking up things that had not presented themselves before. On top of that, I started going through the book again and I'm finding errors that shouldn't be there. Embarrassing to say the least.

That got me to look at the book again and I've decided to make some changes. I had been given the advice to get to the action sooner and so in looking at this again, I've decided to move the chapters around and start with what would have been the fourth chapter and use the first three in a flashback. I'm liking it but I think I'm going to give the book yet another go through before I send out samples again. I've decided to "wash" all of the pages through email before I send them. To make the changes work, I'm also going to have some more edits to make but I think it will make it a better book, which is always the goal.

As far as the one I sent on Thursday, should I hear back I can send him more than the first ten pages of that version. But going forward, I'll be using a new version of the book to query with.

Speaking of queries, I pulled the pin on the two that were still open from last year. The time periods for them to get back to me if they were interested have expired.

Enough about that.

Spent more time this week on Parents' Day for Powers Squared. As I was getting to the end of the story I wanted to make changes so that's still a work in progress, at least the second half. I'm pretty happy with Part 1 though I still have another run-through of it to go.

Worked more on Character Descriptions to match the Character Sheets our artist Rachel is working on for us. There are obviously four main characters so the first set I worked on matched what she was doing independently. We had her on our show, On the Air with Powers Squared, on Friday to discuss. You can find links or listen to it on our website

I did some more work earlier in the week on Skylar, though I've put that aside while I'm working on Parents' Day and my new rework on Broken People.

I finished one review for Trophy Unlocked, Tomorrow is Forever, and started another this week, Nobody Lives Forever, both for future use. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Trevor's review of the videogame Devil Dice went up, and on Saturday morning, Paul's review of A Goofy MovieI'm sure I'll make an appearance sometime this year but there are a lot of reviews that have been gathering dust. I'll be ready when I get the chance.

Well, that will about do it for me this week. Keep writing and I'll see you next week.

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