Sunday, January 17, 2021

A Week in Writing #334 - The Ideal Reader

I hope everyone is staying safe and writing.

The Ideal Reader is something that all writers probably contemplate, though there are some cases where you have to think about them. I know from experience, more and more agents want you to give them help in marketing your book, which is in essence about how to reach the ideal reader for your tome.

With indie comic books, like Powers Squared, oft written about here, marketing has to be tailored to the ideal reader and how and where to find them. But the first step in that process, of course, is to identify who that Ideal Reader is. To this end, we had the entire creative team meet to discuss. While we came up with a lot of characteristics of what we think make up our ideal reader, I don't think we came to a definitive answer. If you're interested in our discussion, you can listen to our podcast, On The Air with Powers Squared. Links to listen are available here. Our discussion might be useful in your own endeavor if you're looking for your ideal reader.

Staying with the comic book, I had an idea on how to introduce Marty and Eli's, the heroes of the book, parents. The story is called Parents' Day, a reference to an event on many college campuses where the school's administration puts on a dog and pony show for the people that are supposedly paying for their kids' education. It's not going to be a happy experience for our heroes or their Uncle Brian. After seven drafts, I think I'm pretty close to being done with Part 1.There are probably a couple of more edits before I move on to Part 2 or show it to Paul.

I'd like some credit this week, as promised, I did actually query an agent. Never any names, but he's one of those that will let you know in three weeks if he wants to see more. It was one of those great online forms. I figure one a week is enough, as I always feel like I'm setting myself up for eventual disappointment. With this query, I guess I'll find out when three weeks go by. I'm never sure if when an agent gives you a firm deadline for them to get back to you if that's supposed to be taken as true or if that slides based on the agent's availability. As an example, do holidays fit into those three weeks? Just curious.

I did do some more work on Skylar before I got working on Parents' Day. It's been a few days but we're up to 30,996 words. I'm about to start a new chapter.

To round out the week, I did write another future review for Trophy Unlocked. Another of the drain the DVR Saturday nights, this week Tomorrow is Forever (1946). Like all the other ones, I'm not sure when this one will appear. A big week on the blog, none of which are mine. Wednesday it was Bugsnax, a videogame for the PS5 written by Paul. On Thursday, another video game Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game (PS3) again by Paul. Saturday morning's review Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the animated movie, another review by Paul. Proving that Trophy Unlocked never sleeps, on Sunday, another animated film, Lupin III: The First, the changeup is that this one was written by Trevor.

Well, that about does it for me. Keep writing and I'll see you next week.

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