Sunday, January 10, 2021

A Week in Writing #333 - Welcome to the Working Week

Let's face it, going back to work after a vacation sucks. I'm know I'm one of the lucky who has a job to go back to but the statement still stands. And I have been out of work before, so I know what that feels like. There were three years between when I was unceremoniously laid off from Sony to the time I found contract work at Paramount Pictures and before I started this blog. Those who have lost their jobs due to COVID have my sympathies.

But I'm the one writing about my experiences so let me have this one.

I had big plans for the week and for the most part I did most of them, though I didn't do one of those things, say it with me, send out queries. My excuse this week has to do with Powers Squared but not the comic book directly.

Back in November, I had asked another creative, Rik Offenberger, if he waned to be on our twitch show, On the Air with Powers Squared. For his own reasons, he was unable to do the show before the holidays. On Monday, I reached out to see if he would be available to do the show some Friday. Well, bing-bang-boom, not only is he doing the show on Friday but he's also bringing some of his co-creators with him. I had to spend some time during the week prepping, including reading their comic books, looking at their website and drafting some questions to ask in case the conversation died down, it didn't. Anyway, that's my excuse for not getting to the queries this week. If you want to watch or listen to the show, you can find links at

But there was news on the queries anyway, sadly bad. My first rejection of the year. A nice form letter that managed to insert the name of my book into the blank space, as in:

Dear David,

I'm sorry, but BROKEN PEOPLE does not sound like a fit for me at this time, and so I will have to pass. Thank you for considering me and I wish you success.

I'll wager that any other rejections I do receive will sound somewhat or exactly like this one. They may use the words "my list" but that would be the variety that adds the spice to life as they say.

There was some real work done as well on Powers Squared itself. Rachel did send us four new pages, pencils, which Paul and I had to review but that was about it on that front.

I did do some work on the website, combining several pages into a single folder. As always, you are more than welcomed to take a look at my work at Comments are always welcomed.

I also managed to write a couple of reviews for Trophy Unlocked, I finished The Tall Target and wrote a new one for Five Star Final (1931). As always no idea when either will actually appear.

Otherwise, it was a busy week on the blog. On Tuesday, Trevor's review for Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People was published, followed on Thursday another of Trevor's review, this one for another game, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures. On Saturday, Trevor completed the hat-trick with his third review of the week, The Powerpuff Girls Movie.

To round out the week, I did make some progress on Skylar, finishing my rewrites and going beyond that. If you're counting words, I'm up to 30,775.

Well, that about wraps it up for me. Keep writing and I'll see you again next week.

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