Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Week in Writing #196

Okay, let's start with the things I didn't get completed as that seems like a good place to start:

I haven't finished the review for Crime Wave, though I am about 1200 words into it. I've completed summarizing the movie but its the opinion part I'm struggling with. It has more to do with time than anything else.

I didn't reach out to my editor until this evening, so I have nothing new to report on Familiar Stranger. Hopefully, that's going well.

I haven't started to write a press release for Powers Squared yet. I'll put that to time, too. I wanted to get to a certain place with the scripts before I did that and I haven't gotten there yet, either. Part of the problem for me has been a "dry" spot in one of the scripts that I've been trying to get right.  When I get that done, it's on to trying to write a Press Release.

I started to get back to Instagram but after my first photo, I had phone problems and that stopped me cold. I've gotten it fixed, but it may be a day or two before I'm back at it. Seems the battery is being very slow to charge and quick to drain. Oh, the joys of modern living.

Let's get back to what we have done this week. On Friday, I did publish the first of our videos about Powers Squared on YouTube: First chance to see me on video.

I'm sure it's me, but the fact that my YouTube account and the rest of my Google apps are under different logins has not been fun. When I tried to update Trophy Unlocked on Saturday morning, I found myself locked out of that blog and this one as well. I managed to figure it out but not without having to redo the password on this Google account. More frustrating than anything else.

Other progress on Powers Squared, include our artist sending us pencils of pages 13-16 of Issue #7, our colorist finishing the first four pages of the same issue and our letterer finishing Issue #6, minus the cover and inner page.

I think we're on target for having the next issue ready to go when needed, which I believe will be July.

It's been a busy week on Trophy Unlocked. On Monday, we published a review of Deadpool 2, on Tuesday there was a review of Early Man on the date it was released on home video. Thursday saw a review for the video game Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. Our Saturday morning review was another video game, Thimbleweed Park. We got back to the movies today with my review of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Please hope you'll check out the reviews and the video. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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