Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Week in Writing #184

Every time I sit down to write this I'm reminded of all that I didn't get done this past week but sometimes I should give myself credit for what I do get done. Even little bits are moving the needle forward, aren't they?

I'll start where I usually do, Powers Squared. Feels like we're making real progress is being made both with the comic book and with putting together a plan to promote the book. We now have inked pages up to page 16 for Issue #6, colored pages up to page 8, and one page of lettering. While Paul and I make decisions throughout the process, it is really the work of others that are getting us here.

We're also getting serious about figuring out how to promote the book. Right now, and its still in the planning stages, we're thinking about setting up a Facebook page, a Twitter account, Instagram and possibly even making videos. Sounds ambitious but probably necessary. I will update here as plans are mapped out.

As I've reported here, we did finally make contact, after three months, with our contact at comiXology. He even scheduled a conference call with Paul and me for last Thursday night to discuss what we're planning and for us to ask him to do something for us to promote Issue #3. Well, two of the three of us made it. We called in a minute before the meeting was to start and thirty minutes later hung up when it was crystal clear that he wasn't going to dial into his own call.

Waiting is the hardest part.

He did email us, about forty-five minutes later, telling us that there was an emergency that prevented him from participating. Now, I know what you're saying, emergencies come up and you have to cut him some slack. Normally I would agree but this is the second time he'd stood us up on a conference call. In 2016, he set up another conference call with us and then forgot about it. I'm not saying that we're taking our ball and going home only that it does hurt to feel disrespected and with your son at your side no less. I didn't start this blog to call people out and this is the closest I've come to wanting to do that but I'll resist.

We'll try again and, of course, I'll report here how it does or doesn't go.

Work on Trophy Unlocked continued with a review of The Big Sick (2017) which was nominated for Best Original Screenplay. We had actually watched it several weeks ago but had saved the review back so we could do a month devoted to shorts.

Also, over the weekend, watched two more films nominated for the Academy Awards: Lady Bird (2017) and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) and wrote reviews for both. They should be appearing over the next couple of weeks.

Finally, onto Familiar Stranger. I did make it to that section that I've been writing to reach since I started this current rewrite. However, due to other obligations, I didn't get as far as I would hope, I never do. The current count is 75514 words and 411 pages.

So what's up for this coming week, no doubt more of the same. We'll try to reschedule our meeting and hopefully, there will be more pages of Powers Squared. But I'm really hoping to get more done on Familiar Stranger. My hope is that now that I'm into a section I've already written that it might go a little faster, but we'll see.

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