Sunday, November 26, 2017

A Week in Writing #170

Just as I suspected, time was hard to come by this week. Holidays don't provide a lot of alone time that writers need to create. There's the driving, the eating, the game, more eating, talking, more eating, shopping, more eating and then a return drive home. (Do you see a pattern here?)

I did manage to do some rewrites on Friday after spending the day shopping and between meals. I sat down at one of the tables and while people watched basketball in one room and a college football game in the other, as well as carrying on a long distance call in front of me, I did get through two chapters of Familiar Stranger. I don't know if this is usual, but I tend to read aloud the dialogue as I'm rereading/rewriting it, wanting to hear how it sounds. That's sort of awkward to do with so much going on around me, but I sort of whispered the parts as I went through them. I wasn't trying to get attention with what I was doing, rather I wanted to get some work done.

I'm trying to be systematic about this rewrite, only adding back in the chapter I'm working on so I can tell you I'm up to about 31,000 words and 168 pages. I'm guessing that I'm about a third of the way done, judging on the other books being about 100,000 words and 500 pages.

Everything took a backseat to the holiday, which means I didn't get much further with my review of Scrooge for Trophy Unlocked, but I did complete and publish the review for 36 Hours (1965) as part of our Saturday Morning Review. It was a little-hurried posting on Twitter and Facebook about the review that morning, but I did get through it. No matter what is going on, I'm trying to be consistent with my self-imposed deadlines, including reviews for Trophy Unlocked.

To celebrate the original publication of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, the blog posted a review hub of the films and video games we've reviewed based on the story. A little embarrassed to say that we don't have a review of the Disney Animated Classic, but that's something we'll have to correct next year.

Not a whole lot new happened with Powers Squared. Everything is done save for the lettering for the next three story arc. While we were around family over the holiday I cajoled two nephews (grown men) into buying the first two issues off of Comixology. Always Be Shilling!

Our last colorist did send us an updated color guide for Powers Squared, including the issues she did and the characters and places that were new to that story-arc.

Well, that about wraps up this abbreviated week in writing. Hope you found some time for your own work in between pieces of pumpkin pie.

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