Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Week in Writing #169

This may be the last complete week of the year before the Holidays totally take over, and while some good things were accomplished, there is still a lot that didn't get done. This may be a rather short post this week as I just don't think there is, sadly, that much to report.

As I wrote last time, I put Familiar Stranger aside for most of the week. The last time I touched it was Monday night. I'm up to a little over 23,000 words and 125 pages. I'm not happy that I wasn't able to get back to it, but I kind of figured that was what was going to happen. Next week is a short week, with travel and Thanksgiving on Thursday, shopping on Friday and a return trip on Saturday, so I'm not hopeful about getting much done.

Part of the reason is that I need to finish a review for Trophy Unlocked for Saturday on Tuesday rather than later in the week. I'm close to completing one for 36 Hours (1965), a film we watched on Friday night. It's a little bit of a juggling act since we won't have our usual movie night this Friday, thanks to being away from home for Thanksgiving.

I'm also working on one for Scrooge (1935), a film we watched the previous Friday. That one will come to play in December when Trophy Unlocked focuses in on Christmas.

Trophy Unlocked's Saturday morning review this week was Godzilla (2014), a film we watched on the anniversary of the original Gojira's release in Japan.

The other project that got attention this past week was Powers Squared. Our search for a new colorist was finally completed, so we're excited about that. I don't mention names without permission so I won't say who we selected. As we launch into Issue #6, we're going to have a somewhat new creative team. Not sure how all that will play out, but we can go through that together.

Right now, we're pretty close to finishing off this story arc. We have almost all of the artwork and we're still missing a few pages of lettering, but I'm hopeful we'll get it all done in the next couple of weeks.

Well, that about does it for this week. Hope you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. And try to write when you can.

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