Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Week in Writing #127

Had a bit of a panic this weekend as it relates to Powers Squared; short-lived but still worrisome. Late on a Friday night, everything seems worse than it really is. When all was said and done, the pages colored and lettered, we still had the original artist's border on them. Can't see anyone publishing them with those on them. It turned out that it wasn't that big of a deal, cooler heads prevailed and our new colorist came through, so whew, crisis averted.

Otherwise, progress seems to be being made. Eight pages of the first issue have been re-colored, three pages have been re-lettered and the first four pages of the third issue have been laid out, penciled and inked. Still a little behind on that issue, but the artist was ill for awhile.

Through emails from a mutual friend was connected to the creator of Lantern City. He's offered to help us figure out the ins and outs of the comic book industry. I'll take all the help I can get. We're supposed to meet for lunch the week of February 6. With caveats about the reconstruction of Issue #1, sent him a copy. I figured it was better to put something in front of him, rather than just a synopsis.

Still editing chapters of Familiar Stranger, up to Chapter 11. The experience is really making me want to rethink parts I've already re-thought before. I think I tried to add too much to the beginning and it sort of keeps the main story from getting underway. I also know that when I get into it further, I know there are other problems to deal with. Sort of want to stop editing and start rewriting. I end up spending the last half hour or so of the day either editing or reading.

Read the second trade paperback of Saga and have started in on The Thief of Thieves' number 2. While these were recommended for lettering I have gotten into them. Not sure what effect it will have on our book, but it always good to see what else is out there. It also helps to see how other people lay out their books, etc.

Started a course through Writer's Digest, Blogging 101. It's the first one I've taken and I haven't gotten past the Introduction. I'm hoping to figure out ways of getting more page views here as I try to build my writing career and start to hopefully push the comic once it's time to do that. I did the introduction in the morning before I went to work on Friday. I still need to finish lesson one. Not looking forward to homework, which is why I put it off. So I've got that to look forward to next week.

No new reviews were written this week, though I did take tentative steps towards writing one for Toy Story. We watched it recently before going to a Pixar Animation exhibit at the California Science Center. Did publish The Girl From Mexico (1939) as part of Trophy Unlocked's Saturday Morning Review. Thought with immigration being in the news that we would have gotten more than 18 page views, but I didn't publish it for that reason. We're not political on the blogs; that's for others to do.

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