Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Week in Writing #124

This was a bit of a short writing work week for me. Holidays, even New Years Day, can be disruptive. Also this week, I started back to my day job and that is also hard to adjust to after some time off. But still, I think we made progress.

To begin with, the big news is that we found a new colorist. Our current, and soon former, one has been super slow. He is more than a month behind and was before the holidays. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it either, making sure to take time off around Christmas. Not that I blame him for spending time with his family, it would have been nice if he had tried to catch up before checking out. Even though he's back, there are still two pages left to go. This was the issue I had hoped to have done by Labor Day last year, not Valentine's Day this year. He had to go and so he will be gone after he delivers the pages he's been hired to complete. If I hadn't already paid him in advance for the pages, he would be gone already.

The search for a new colorist had to go through other means and it was with help that we found some candidates, recommendations from the Savannah College of Art and Design. While our first candidates did not pan out, they did connect us to someone we ended up hiring. Since it is not my practice to name people without their permission and I haven't asked for hers, she will remain anonymous for now, but we have great hopes for getting this back on track, even though the first two issues will have to be re-colored. She thinks she can do four pages a week which would mean she might finish the second issue before our former colorist.

We also started our artist on the third issue of PowerSquared. His rate has gone up, but I'm hoping I can handle the increase. No pages yet, but it's still early.

We also settled on a new logo. Though the final product isn't completed, the look has been decided.

I decided to make a concerted effort to get back to my other writing and picked up Familiar Stranger to work on rewrites. I decided to start from the beginning and work my way through the entire book. I know eventually I will come to the problem passage, but by then I'm hoping to be able to actually fix it this time around, rather than just write around it.

Still no new queries to report, but those things take more time than I have at the moment. They seem simple enough, but having to customize each one, even a little, takes time and I'm always worried there is a mispelled word or something that will adversely effect my query. I don't need the aggravation at the moment, but I will get to them.

Over the holiday, I did write a review of Arrival, which I posted Saturday on Trophy Unlocked. I did write a new one this weekned which I'll publish next week for The Endless Summer (1966), a film we watched as a family on Friday night.

So, things seem to be firing on all cylinders week one into 2017. Hopefully, things will continue to move forward as the year progresses.

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