Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Week in Writing #75

Spent most of the week bouncing between the comic book PowerSquared and the mystery novel Public and Private. Our artist started to deliver pages, so far two. He may have been further along, except we had to keep going back to him over page one. It really isn't anything he's done wrong, but I guess I've been obsessing about the first page, since that sort of sets the tone for the rest of the comic book.

We had been wanting to have some variety in the t-shirts Marty and Eli, the Powers of the story, will be wearing. The problem is that we didn't like one of the artist's original designs, a monkey smoking a cigarette. It seemed out of character and not something we want to associate the boys with. We gave him some designs that we thought might be more appropriate, but he copied them so well, I thought we might get sued. So we instead opted for blank shirts.

Now that we're getting pages, we started looking for a colorist, which is another round of searching. We had five people who seemed to show some interest and we've narrowed it down to three. We're price shopping, as well, trying to keep the costs down.

Finished going through my editor's notes on Public and Private. Now I'm starting to go back through and read it from start to finish myself. I'm about 28 pages into that process, but had to stop to get to some other issues. How I wish the weekends were longer. I think I'll be working on this for most of next week.

Posted our first of three year of the monkey posts on Trophy Unlocked, Monkey Business (1952). No new reviews this week, though I did see three movies: Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3 and Anamolisa. Just don't have the bandwith at the moment, but I'm hoping to get back to that writing soon.

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