Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Week in Writing #73

Sometimes the business of writing takes away from actual writing. Some of my time this past week has been occupied by the business rather than the craft. We're on the verge, Paul and I, of hiring an artist to work on PowerSquared and it is getting a usable contract that has been the culprit.

Now this is supposed to be a work for hire and there are plenty of such contracts available on the internet. But I wanted to get a real lawyer's opinion and input and that has slowed things down. I won't go into the ins and outs of things, but I think with some editing, I've got a workable contract that I will be sending to the artist to sign. Then I think things will start happening rather quickly as he thinks he can draw and ink about four pages a week, which would mean by the end of February, he would be done. Then we'll need to find a colorist and continue the process with them.

The first story for PowerSquared is really a two-issue arc, but I'm looking at doing part one and seeing what sort of interest there is before doing part two. It's enough of a cash outflow to be careful, though I'm hoping it will pay off. But I'm sure everyone with a comic book idea is likewise convinced theirs is gold, so I'm trying to be realistically optimistic.

To that end, I also bought a couple of domain names for the comic book. I wanted, but that's already taken and though it is available for sale, the cost is about $2300, which is about $2300 out of my price range. I did purchase and for quite a bit less, but I don't have a website up yet because I've got nothing to show. That too is probably coming shortly as well. You know I will let you know when a website is up.

Did manage to do some more rewrites on Familiar Stranger, but there's not much to show so far. I'm hoping that my rewrites will shift to Public and Private once I've met with my editor. We're supposed to have lunch on Tuesday.

We celebrated the 650th review on Trophy Unlocked with Rashōmon (1950), a very good film from Akira Kurosawa. I usually post on TCM's Classic Film Union, but the powers that be have decided to shut down that site. Sorry to see that happen. I had invited members to follow me on twitter and read my reviews on Trophy Unlocked, but I don't believe any of them took me up on the offer. In fact, my twitter following went down. I know it sounds petty, but I am envious of people with good-sized followings, but I've never been able to get much traction on the social media.

Working on a new review in the meantime, Galaxy Quest. We watched the film to honor Alan Rickman, but it's really a very funny spoof of Star Trek and trekkers. But that's for the future.

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