Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Week in Writing #74

This has really been a very good week for me. It started with lunch on Tuesday with my editor; the first time we had ever met after corresponding for a couple of years. He was in town on personal business and suggested we finally meet. After lunch, he handed me the rewrites for Public and Private, which I've begun going through. It's nice to be getting back to it after so long. And I might be further along if it weren't for other things.

But besides getting his rewrites, I really enjoyed talking to him artist to artist. Among other things, he is a musician, something I believe he would like to do for a living, the same as I want to be a writer. I know that he makes me a better writer and I really appreciate his help.

This week also marked the beginning of our relationship with our artist on PowerSquared. He has been sending us character designs for all 13 characters in the first story. Interesting to see it coming to life. We've been receiving his drawings and making comments. So far, he's drawn and revised 12 of the characters to our liking. There is one that we're still working through. I sense that he's anxious to get on to actually drawing the book, which, after our past experiences, is rather refreshing.

Still working on Trophy Unlocked and posted a review of Galaxy Quest, in part as a tribute to the passing of actor Alan Rickman. Also tweeted about Gun Crazy this week  on the anniversary of its release.  We've already mapped  out the next three review posts, which is a good thing since I think I'm going to be busy with my other projects for the next few weeks.We're doing our own tribute to the coming year of the Monkey with reviews of Monkey Business (1952), Monkey Business (1931) and the Monkee's film Head. Stay tuned.

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