Sunday, January 16, 2022

A Week in Writing #387 - So Much to Do

Hope everyone is staying safe, getting boosted, and, of course, writing.

Drum roll. Wait for it. Yes, I did send a new query this week, my first of the year. I've stopped waiting for the others, so I'm 1 for the year and no rejections. I rewrote the query letter to meet the qualifications of what the agent was looking for, and, of course, no way to know if I met that bar or not. But the important thing I did it.

I also tried to widen my net by looking for agents on a different website than just using QueryTracker, though nothing against that one in particular. I used MSWL since some agents didn't have websites. While I did find some, including the agent I queried, I would say a high percentage of agents who were not open to queries. Maybe that's why they weren't on Query Tracker.

Had a meeting on Saturday about the Kickstarter. We hired a consultant to help with things and it was our first opportunity to talk with her and Artithermic. I think it went well but there's still so much more to do, hence the subtitle.

Our colorist finished the chibis I commissioned and I'm thinking they would make either cute t-shirts or posters, we'll see how Artithmeric feels about them. It is their Kickstarter, after all.

I need to come up with bios on the creative team and so far, only the second colorist has been radio silent. I've reached out to her through email and Linkedin and no response, at least not so far.

There are other things we've talked about like page layout, etc. which will be a little outside of my control, but I think the meeting was good.

Worked some more on the Pilot outline, though I believe there is still work to do on it. This is more of an exercise so I can be ready.

Work continues on the current issues as well, with new pages from our artist and new pages from our colorist. We had Julia on our podcast, On the Air with Powers Squared, to discuss her work on Issue #19, Kamaitachi. Always enjoy speaking with our creative team.

Did some work on fka Skylar this week, though it never seems to be enough. Word count is up to 23,416, though it should be higher. I had a really good idea though that I'm looking forward to using. It really has more to do with the subplot but it is something I heard about on the news that I think will work. Looking forward to getting to it.

My review of Ars√®ne Lupin (1932) was Trophy Unlocked's Saturday Morning Review. A live-action film, based on the same story that would be the source of the Lupin III manga and anime shows. Not sure when I wrote it, but it was recently. On Wednesday, GameDay, it was Paul's review of Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut for the Switch.  I started a new review for Mata Hari (1931) but I'm still working on it.

Well, that about does it for me. Keep writing and I'll see you back here next week.

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