Sunday, January 27, 2019

A Week in Writing #231

This has been a pretty good week for Powers Squared. Paul and I submitted, some might say finally, Issues 6 and 7 to comiXology. Later in the week, we received notification that they had been accepted. Honestly, I'm not sure what sort of criteria they have for submissions, it's obviously not a guarantee to sell, but it is a hurdle that has to be crossed. Bottom line, Issues 6 and 7, aka Kirby Good and Evil, will be out soon.

As a result, I'm going to be reaching out to those who had helped promote Issues 3 - 5 to see if they'll help with the new ones as well. Fingers crossed that they'll say "yes." We've asked the creative team to do whatever they can to promote it and we were very pleased to see Rachel's tweet on Friday.

Rachel is continuing to work on Issue #10. She's sent us pencils for pages 1-8 and it is really looking good. I like that she's taken the script and is making some smart changes to make it better. It's not that what we write is written in concrete and her choices have made the story better.

In other news, we received the final pages and the cover for Issue #9 from Nina, our colorist, which we've sent on to our letterer, Trevor. When he's done, we'll be done with that story arc. Those issues are also known as Mathemagical and introduces a new villain, but we'll wait to get into that closer to its publication.

We're also having a motion comic trailer made for the new issues as well as for our planned Kickstarter. Paul and I discussed various tiers and rewards for crowdfunding. I plan to show it to some other people to get their feedback before we set up the project.

Our efforts to grow our social media presence are still slow. Votes on our weekly poll have been few and far between and views of our YouTube channel have definitely been low. We would really appreciate it if you read this that you would also take a look at our other social media platforms.

This past Saturday, I had a real breakout with The Runaway. As a writer, it's really great when things sort of come together and you can get on a roll. That happened yesterday morning when I was able to write a little over 3500 words in several writing sessions during the morning and early afternoon. I felt like I suddenly got over a hump and was able to keep the momentum going. Feels really good. That said,  I know there is a lot of work still to be done.

I'll just mention it here as a formality, no word still about Familiar Stranger. I guess I'll have to try to reach out, yet again, to my editor to see if anything has happened. I really try not to overly harass people but I don't understand the radio silence that has been going on for months now. Anyone have any suggestions?

I'm still working on the query letter for Broken People. Lying in bed this morning, I had an idea which I got up and wrote out. I'm going to sit on it for a day or so and come back to see if I still like it. Right now I do. I'm not sure if other writers go through this but I sometimes find it hard to put the work out there. I know that rejection is part of the process but that doesn't mean I like it.

This week, finished my review of Cabin in the Sky and published it on Trophy Unlocked as the Saturday Morning Review. Not sure what the next review will be as we rewatched a film we'd already reviewed on Friday, Big Hero 6. I have a couple in reserve so I'm sure there will be something next Saturday as well.

Next week promises to be busy. I need to get going on reaching out to people on behalf of Powers Squared and Broken People while also keeping moving forward on everything else.

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