Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Week in Writing #153

The week after Comic-Con is always a little odd. Let's face it, reality sort of sucks after immersion into such a fantastical (and exhausting) circumstance. But there is also an excitement about getting back to the work of writing armed with some of the teachings I learned from panels run by Maxwell Alexander Drake. I did manage to edit about 40 pages and over 7000 words between other projects. One of the things I learned in his panel about Point of View was showing more rather than telling; something I've tried not to do, but going back and editing with "fresh" eyes made me do a lot of rewriting. I know, I'm already re-editing it, but as Bullwinkle would always say, "This time for sure."

Also excited about getting back to Powers Squared, but things are not quite moving as fast as I would have hoped. The artist we talked to at Comic-Con, who told us to contact him through his website, hasn't returned my email yet. I waited a couple of days to let him recover as well, but I kind of hoped there would be a more immediate response. The cover would be one of the last things we need to get the issue squared away, so I'm a little disappointed that there hasn't been a response, but my anxiety doesn't necessarily translate to him. I'll follow up in a week or so while trying to put the other final touches on the issue, but if it's radio silence we may have to go to a plan B.

Don't know how well things are going sales wise with Powers Squared Issues # 1 and 2, now that they're available for purchase. If anyone has read them, would love to hear your comments, either here or on the website.

Our colorist is now idle, she finished the pages she had and made some corrections for us, but we're now, once again, waiting on our artist. Typically, things started out pretty quickly as he sent us layouts for three pages right away and sent us the fourth page soon after. Then this past week, we got pencils for a couple of the pages, but then the faucet stopped and once again we're coming up on two weeks and no completed pages. Long term, this is not sustainable.

Managed to complete the review for Kingsman: The Secret Service, which was posted as our weekly Saturday Morning Review. Also wrote a review for Dunkirk, the new Christopher Nolan movie and posted that on Sunday morning. While neither has really broken any page view records, Trophy Unlocked's page views are up to over 50,000 for the past month. It's hard not to take a little pride in that. I give a lot of credit to my sons Paul and Trevor; Paul started the blog and he and Trevor did most of the writing in the beginning. Without them, there would be no blog.

So a pretty full week as far as writing goes. Never feel like I get as much done as I want to, but that's part of the balancing act between writing and real life. Had an anniversary this weekend and a Metallica concert on the plus-side, but also had car trouble and a busted pipe to contend with as well. It's as if life works with you sometimes and works against you at others.

But I'll keep writing.

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