Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Week in Writing #85

Well, my goal for the week was to make progress on the book, Public and Private, the comic book and the blog. And while I did make some progress, it never seems to be enough and there never seems to be enough time in a day or week.

I thought I was done with the long synopsis for Public and Private and that I was going to work on a short one, but I ended up editing the long synopsis again. Every time I read through it, I wonder what I was thinking with some of my word choices. Hopefully, now I'm done with the editing and can turn to the short synopsis. I had thought I would base it on the long synopsis, but now I'm thinking I should just use it as its own writing assignment.

It's hard sometimes to see progress on the comic book. We had an issue with the artist, but I think we've gotten past that. We're still missing pages 7 and 11, but we've got 10 pages inked and a layout for a 13th page. No coloring this week. Not sure why not, but he said there were problems. And no new lettering this week, but I'm partially to blame for that. I sort of thought we'd be further along, but it is what it is.

Thought I would maybe squeeze in a review this week, but I ended up writing two, one for Rush Hour and the other for The Jazz Singer (1927), both for future posts. Did post one for Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (2008). Sort of a change of pace for the blog, doing an internet story, but you go where the story is. I had originally intended it to follow the review for Batman v. Superman, since there a super hero involved, but the 666th review of the blog took precedent.

Had a bit of fun with twitter this week. I have a small, but hopefully loyal following, but was surprised to see the following notification at the beginning of the week:

I was pretty sure this wasn't the "real" Taylor Swift; her twitter is in sentence case and before too long whoever stopped following me, but for a brief second there, I thought Kanye would be jealous.

Spent part of Saturday moving into a new laptop. Had to rethink a few passwords I hadn't had to enter in the last few years, but it's like a new car and I'll get used to it.

Looking forward to more of the same next week. Everything is on the table, just need to get things done.

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